Crystal is Susquehanna's Community Relations Manager, coordinating the company’s support of nonprofit organizations. She knows about the needs of community organizations firsthand, having spent 12 years working in fundraising and communications for nonprofits. She serves on the boards of the YWCA of Lancaster and Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding, which uses horseback riding as therapy for children with physical and emotional disabilities. As the daughter of a U.S. Navy officer, she attended 16 different schools while growing up, and somewhere along the way became a die-hard Red Sox fan. She obviously has a lot of stories to tell, so she enjoys writing fiction as well as blogging!

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Would you dance for two days straight to help combat childhood cancer?

You’ve probably seen them standing road-side near intersections all winter long -- Four Diamonds donation cans in hand -- bundled up in their blue and white. And there are THOUSANDS of them. College kids who care, the heart and soul of the Penn State Dance Marathon, or THON, as it’s called by the party faithful -- emphasis on party; 46 hours of it, in fact! Susquehanna is proud to sponsor this year’s THON, slated for Feb 17-19 at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College. Ashlee Garman, daughter of Susquehanna Regional Retail Executive Sheri Garman, is one of this year’s event chairs, and she gave us the scoop on THON. Continue Reading »

Give Me Some Credit - No, Seriously!

Credit is more than a point system towards graduation in higher education. Or something you give your spouse when he or she remembers to do something thoughtful. Or even an adjective before the word “card.” Your credit, in its simplest terms, is a numerical rating of how well you behave fiscally. October is National “Get Smart About Credit” Month, and in honor of this, we bring you some tips from our friends at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Continue Reading »

Baltimore’s Extensive Arts Scene Takes Center Stage with Free Fall

When’s the last time you took in a symphony performance, or a painting class or even some modern dance lessons … for free? Never? Me either! But all of that changes this month thanks to Free Fall Baltimore and Susquehanna Bank! Continue Reading »

Summer Concerts, Races & Homeruns: Join Team Susquehanna for Some Fun this Season!

Susquehanna is active in our communities year-round, but summer affords us the benefit of being outside and celebrating not only some great nonprofit partners, but this awesome weather as well! Join us for a few of the exciting events we’re sponsoring this summer -- including concerts, a 5K run, a rubber duckie race, and a homerun contest! Continue Reading »

Learning About Savings From Some Little Bears Who Don’t

“When little bears spend every nickel and penny, the trouble with money is they never have any!” Stan & Jan Berenstain first penned that line in 1983, but the message holds true for little bears – and kids (and big kids, aka adults) - to this day. We’ll be sharing this message about saving money at local libraries this summer through the Mind Your Pennies children’s reading program. Continue Reading »

Teaming Up with Minor League Baseball to Support Education!

With baseball season now in ‘full swing,’ Susquehanna is launching its fifth annual Strikeouts for Straight A’s educational initiative! Eight minor league baseball teams from across the region have partnered with Susquehanna to promote the importance of good study habits in making a grand slam in students’ grades. Continue Reading »

Creating Money-Smart Kids

It’s A Tale of Two Brothers: they’re twins, but one’s a spender and the other a saver. They both earn the same amount of money doing household chores, but while the spender immediately purchases music on iTunes® and buys candy bars, the saver puts the money away until he has enough for a laser tag party for 10 of his friends. How does the spending brother react at party time? You guessed it: he gets upset and exclaims how unfair this is. Continue Reading »

Fostering a Love of Reading with the Good Doctor Himself, Seuss

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better." This advice comes courtesy of the classic Dr. Seuss book The Lorax, and employees of Susquehanna Bank took his words to heart this week by participating in the National Education Association’s Read Across America program. Where did we decide to start? How about the City of Brotherly (or Seuss-erly) Love, Philadelphia! Continue Reading »

Providing VITA(L) Tax Help to Those Who Need it Most

You may have heard of VITA, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, administered by the IRS in partnership with nonprofits nationwide. Susquehanna’s employees volunteer in various capacities with VITA all season long. Here’s how VITA can help you or someone you know. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Ways Susquehanna Made a Difference in Our Communities this Year

Everyone loves a Top 10 list, right?  We get bombarded with them each December as we look back over the accomplishments and goings-on of the past year. So from the Community Relations Desk at Susquehanna Central, we give you the top 10 ways our company and staff made a difference in 2010. Enjoy! Continue Reading »


Last month I visited a daycare center in Allentown, PA to deliver a contribution and see the children who would soon benefit from it. One little guy started anxiously tugging on my skirt. I kept smiling at him but at the same time tried to pay attention to the staff who was sharing statistics, budget figures and other business information. Finally the little boy won out – I excused myself from eye contact and knelt down to see what the deal was. Continue Reading »

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader… About Credit?

Each October, Susquehanna Bank staff in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia take part in the American Bankers Association’s Get Smart About Credit program, providing credit education to teens and young adults. But how would you stack up against our young credit geniuses? Let’s check it out with a quick true and false on the basics of credit! Continue Reading »

Who's "Banking" on Some Minor League Strikeouts? Some Major League Educational Programs!

This fall marks the conclusion of Susquehanna Bank’s fourth season of Strikeouts for Straight A’s.  Since its inception, the program has generated more than $250,000 to support some stellar educational programs in many of our markets. Susquehanna Bank makes a contribution to a local education initiative for each strikeout thrown at one of the nine partner teams’ home games. Learn more about the beneficiaries whose unique programs will be made possible due to the athletic prowess of some of minor league baseball’s finest! Continue Reading »

Bankers Wearing Tool Belts? You Betcha!

Our team at Susquehanna works hard to enhance the communities we serve. And when our team goes to work, we're wielding more than a checkbook. We're swinging hammers, toting lumber and even manning a jackhammer. In other words, these feet hit the streets! Continue Reading »

Can a Dog (or is it a Reindeer?) Teach Your Kids About Saving?

Buck, the mascot for Susquehanna’s children’s savings program, is on the road this summer, visiting local libraries to teach children how to save. In addition to questions about dollars and cents, Buck’s appearances often lead kids to ask: Is he a dog, or is he a reindeer? Continue Reading »