Gavin is an Executive Vice President in Susquehanna’s Smart Business Credit Solutions unit, implementing business banking strategies. He draws on 20 years of experience working with small and medium-size businesses of all kinds, ranging from New York City restaurants to contractors working on Boston's Big Dig. He has worked on financing for business equipment across the U.S., as well as working with companies in Europe. Gavin has assisted franchisees in several industries on start-ups, expansion plans, financing and marketing. Like most business bankers, he spends his free time riding motorcycles and playing guitar and singing in a band.

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Think Before You Jump: Drafting a Business Plan

It has to work on paper first.  Your business, that is.  A business plan is a written summary and guide to starting and running a business.  A well-written plan creates a blueprint for success and can help you obtain financing, create strategic plans, and follow marketing and sales plans.  The business plan should be your first step in the process of deciding whether to start a business.  Determining if the plan "fails on paper" first can help prospective business owners avoid costly (and ultimately pointless) investments.  So what does the business plan include? Continue Reading »

Information is Power in Business Banking

Sit at your desk, go online and pick one of the major Internet search engines.  Now enter a random search related to your business – say, communications or identity theft or local business resources.  Almost without exception the first results you will see are companies that are trying to sell you equipment, software or how-to manuals.  The search engine providers have figured out how to turn your search for answers into big returns for those businesses willing to pay to reach you.  The way you find business resources may have changed, but we're here to help you find information sources that you can trust. Continue Reading »

As Grandpa Used to Say: "Measure Twice, Cut Once": Double-Check Details When Closing a Business Loan

What a great day – you’ve just closed your new business loan and are looking forward to buying that equipment and clearing those bills. At this point the deal is done, the die is cast – there’s no going back. Remember that banker you’ve been building a relationship with? The one you told your story to? Hopefully, he or she guided you painlessly through the process. You should always ask directly about the pros and cons of this particular loan. Here are some helpful hints to get you safely through. Continue Reading »

Landing a Small Business Loan

You and your banker are getting along pretty well and then... you need something.  You know the old saying – a friend in need is a friend indeed?  Well here’s the first big test of the relationship. What steps should you anticipate when applying for a small business loan? Continue Reading »

Everybody Likes a Good Story

Think of a friend, a family member, a business partner, or a customer.  Close your eyes and picture them in your mind.  Ready? If you were introducing them to someone new, what would you say?  It might be something like: “This is John, he lives just down the street, he has three beautiful daughters, and loves going to their soccer games.”  You would try to make the connection by telling a story and finding common ground. So here’s the question for small business owners: Does your bank know your story, your goals, your challenges?  Do they know your name?  Is there someone at the bank who listens, whose opinion you value?  You can’t afford to answer “no” to any of these questions. Continue Reading »