As Susquehanna's former Corporate Marketing Coordinator, Katelyn had a hand in many of the behind-the-scenes steps necessary to get a promotional poster in an office, an email in an in-box and an advertisement in the newspaper. She enjoyed seeing how the efforts of many different people can combine in a successful marketing campaign. Katelyn was also a regular writer for our blog before moving on to grad school. We hope you enjoy reading her contributions!

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New Digs, New Bank: Factors to Consider When You’re Relocating

The state of Massachusetts is home to Dunkin Donuts®, Fenway Park ®, more than one hundred colleges and universities -- and now me! On my extended list of things to do prior to moving was to choose a new bank. To start I developed a list of features that were important for my next bank to have. Continue Reading »

Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Cash

If you are a bride or groom planning a wedding, there are a plethora of resources to help build and keep to a wedding budget. But what about the guests?  For many guests, it isn’t just the wedding, but there are showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, travel expenses and gifts to pick out and pay for.  These expenses can add up quickly if you’re not careful with your budget. Continue Reading »

Even at a Bank, Green Can Mean More than Money

Earth Day has been celebrated for more than forty years now. This is a relatively short time period, considering planet Earth itself is billions of years old. But, over the past forty years we’re slowly committing to treating Mother Earth like the lady she is. Sometimes when we think about treating the Earth well, it’s hard to know where to put our efforts. There are so many paths to take – watersheds, wildlife and land conservation, carbon footprint and energy reduction – how do you commit to just one effort? Continue Reading »

Something Old, Something New: Adding Branches in the Neighborhood Where We "Grew Up"

There is something about Lancaster County that allows the old and the new to exist together. Horse buggies rolling alongside hybrid buses. Farms alongside factories and malls. The same goes for Susquehanna Bank. We recently opened new offices in the same Lancaster County area where we expanded with our first branch more than a half-century ago. Continue Reading »

Be the Designated Driver of Your Finances This Year

Now that the holidays are over, we begin looking ahead to the New Year. Many of us took part in a traditional meal of black-eyed peas or pork and sauerkraut for good luck. Then we promptly set a New Year’s resolution. We do this in an effort to take our perceived flaws and turn them into something positive for 2011. Visiting the gym more, cutting back on coffee, flossing and saving more money are all common resolutions we make. Recently, I read about one family in Minnesota who pledged to cut back on spending, consumption and clutter by only owning 100 items. That might be a little extreme for most of us, but we asked our employees for their savings tips and financial resolutions for 2011. Check out their ideas, and then share your own helpful hints! Continue Reading »

In Uniform or as Civilians, Veterans Serve Our Country

With 23 million U.S. military veterans, odds are you encounter a few of them on any given day: a coworker, police officer, teacher, soccer coach or your banker. You may not know the person is a veteran. But if you do, Veterans Day (November 11) is an appropriate day to offer them a word of thanks. For Veterans Day this year, we decided to recognize some of the veterans now working at our own company. Continue Reading »

You’ve Got Us in the Palm of Your Hand

I’m generally comfortable with new technology, and like most people, I’ll embrace a new technology if it works for me. Many of my acquaintances have been sliding their fingers across touch screen phones and sending text messages with rapid fire speed for years. Recently, I thought back to a time when I was hesitant to enter into the texting world. A friend said to me, “I’ll text you to let you know what time,” and I asked him, “Why not just call?” His answer was, “Because then we’d have to talk.” Ouch. But now as a full-fledged texter since 2006, I realize sometimes it is easier to give or get a piece of information, without having to converse about it. Texting is instant gratification. Text banking is our way of allowing customers to request and receive simple information instantly. This must be the easiest way yet to obtain basic bank account information.  Now when you’re looking for simple account details, like balances or transaction history, you can just receive it in a text. Simple. Continue Reading »

Our "Housewarming Party" on Rittenhouse Square

What is it about a certain place that makes everyone want to be a part of it? Is it the feeling you get with the anticipation of heading to that special place? The feeling of contentment, that you’d rather be nowhere else? Or is it the feeling after you left, that you can’t wait to go back? Continue Reading »

Does a Bank TV Commercial Count as 15 Minutes of Fame?

In the marketing department, we’re always telling stories. Not too long ago we created some TV commercials to tell the story of how people are “doing what counts” in local communities each day. Where did we turn for inspiration – and for the people and places to feature in these ads? We went straight to the experts: our customers and employees! Continue Reading »

Sometimes the Road Less Traveled is Paved With Cash (Part 2)

I am heading down the road toward vacation, the windows open, warm summer air filling the car, the radio fueling the relaxed mood and E-ZPass® paying the first electronic transaction of the trip.  The cashless vacation has begun! First let me rewind…before departing for this trip and in my last blog post, I challenged myself to a sensible cashless vacation. Was it possible to travel to the Adirondacks and back without having to use cash? Continue Reading »

Cash is King, but Will a Check Card Let You Travel like a Queen? (Part 1)

After a recent trip to Philadelphia I came home with a pocket full of cash. And it’s not because I didn’t indulge in the great shopping, dining, and museums that the City of Brotherly Love has to offer, it’s because everywhere I went accepted my check card. I am frequently sans cash, relying on my check card for everyday purchases as probably most of my peers do. But following my mother’s advice to always travel with enough money for an emergency and an indulgence, I left with what I thought would be enough cash for the weekend. Continue Reading »