Amber is a Customer and Financial Service Representative at the Susquehanna Bank office in Manheim, PA. With more than eight years of experience with Susquehanna, she enjoys working with customers, helping them to find the right solutions, and making sure they’re happy when they leave her branch. That's important, because her customers are also her neighbors. Amber appreciates living in a small town, where most people know each other. She also has another job, as Chief Operating Officer for her home, which includes her two children. Plus she dabbles in the fitness and entertainment industries, doing Zumba at a local dance studio and singing (mostly in her car and kitchen!).

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Don’t Just Fall Into Autumn, Celebrate It!

If you’re like me, you hate to hear how “the weather is finally getting cooler” or how “pretty the changing leaves are” or “are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!”  OK, I’ll admit, I do like seeing the leaves change, but I miss the beach and the pool.  I figured I’d reach out to my co-workers  and see what fun things they do to celebrate the autumn season. Continue Reading »

MOM!! There’s Nothing to Dooooooooo!!

The kids have enjoyed their last day of school, stayed up late, slept in late, watched TV all day, and now you hear the dreaded words……I’M BORED! My kids don’t say this to me often because they know it usually means they’ll end up doing chores or other things around   Continue Reading »

Making It Fresh, Healthy and Affordable this Holiday Season

‘Tis the holiday season again. Time for parties, dinners, cookies and pies... and the thought of yet again making that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym. Not to mention the dent in your pocketbook if you are the lucky holiday dinner host! Why not try some fresh and healthy dishes for the holidays this year? But, how do you know what has the best flavor this week? Lucky for you, I have a friend who can help us out! Continue Reading »

Lessons in Saving on Back-to-School Shopping

New clothes, new supplies, and of course school lunches…. How do you keep the kids happy and keep money in your pocket? We have a few tips to help you during this back-to-school season. Continue Reading »

Staycation or Vacation?

Lately, with our economy struggling to recover and many people out of work, the new trend has been to take a “staycation.”  However, what if you want to go on a vacation that won't amount to debt that lasts well after the relaxation fades?  Here are a few tips. Continue Reading »

Take Your Cue from Cupid: Focus on Hearts, Not Dollars, for Valentine's Day

One dozen long stem red roses: $50.00 Heart shaped box of gourmet chocolates: $40.00 Dinner for two with a bottle of champagne: $125.00 Heart shaped diamond pendant: $320.00 Overspending for Valentine’s Day: PAINFUL! So, how do you make Valentine’s Day special and stay on a budget?  We asked several of our employees how they save money on Valentine’s Day and here are a few of their ideas. Continue Reading »

Is it Only the Early Bird that Gets the Worm? Cyber Monday Lets You Sleep in on Black Friday

It’s Thanksgiving evening. My friend, Krista, is scouring the newspaper and online ads looking to see what stores have the best deals and what time they’re opening. She goes to bed dreaming of saving money. At 4 AM her alarm goes off and she gets up ready to shop! She maps out where she’s going and what she’s going to buy and heads out the door….making sure to get there early and be one of the first through the door. Where am I? I’m in bed sleeping! Continue Reading »

First Steps: Are you Ready for Something New?

Have you ever seen someone doing something that you might enjoy doing, but were afraid to try it?  Who hasn’t?  But what’s stopping us from trying?  Is it the fear of failure?  Is it the fear of the time wasted if we don’t like it? Or is it just the fear of the unknown? Continue Reading »

Oh How Quickly They Grow Up!

How many times have you heard a parent say that about their child?  In the blink of an eye our little babies are graduating high school and spreading their wings to go out into the world, and we as parents wonder if we’ve fully prepared them to take that step.  With that in mind, it’s never too early to teach them to save. The first place they learn about money is from you!  Being an example by making responsible decisions with your money is the first step.  Teaching them to find ways to save through your daily spending can be fun. Continue Reading »