Bill is our corporate eMarketing Analyst; his job is to help make our website, email marketing and branch electronic merchandising as effective as possible. Since graduating from Millersville University, he has been involved in varied aspects of digital marketing. While in college he could be seen from across the stands as the Millersville mascot, Scully. An official alumnus of the Philly Phanatic training camp, his characteristic enthusiasm and creativity are evident through his work. Off hours, Bill finds his peace and serenity by hacking divots across Lancaster’s beautifully landscaped golf courses.

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A Day Out In Baltimore

No matter where you are coming from, Baltimore has something for everyone. For starters, an outdoor mall for the experienced shopper, a Taste of Italy for the food connoisseur, and flashy Broadway shows for the theatrical enthusiast. If you’re looking for things to do   Continue Reading »

Time to Pay the Bill? Reach for Your Phone, Not Your Wallet

How attached are you to your car keys? Your wallet? Your cell phone? These three objects are kept secure by our side every day because they hold access to very important and valuable information.  I can’t count the number of times I misplaced one of these items and started to panic as I tore apart the house searching for it. If only they had built-in pagers... With changing technology, one of these items will become even more important than before! Cell phones have been adapted to fit our own personal lifestyles - so much, in fact, that they may soon be capable of replacing your wallet. Continue Reading »