During his 20-year professional career, Josué has been a strong advocate for his hometown of Camden, N.J. The city just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia has a rich history as an industrial town. Today, Camden is looking toward its future as a center for business services and tourism, with attractions such as the Adventure Aquarium, Battleship New Jersey, and Susquehanna Bank Center concert venue. Josué worked for social service and community development organizations as well as the U.S. Census Bureau before joining Susquehanna Bank as Vice President and Branch Manager of its Camden office. He continues to serve the community as a board member for Camden County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, WELCOME NJ, New Academy for Aquatic Sciences, and Cramer Hill Community Development Corp. He enjoys gardening and bike riding with his family.

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America Saves Week: February 25 – March 3

Save Vs Spend Two Way Street Signs Point to Fiscal ResponsibilitPerhaps this has happened to you when walking into your favorite store…the first thing you see is a rack screaming “JUST ARRIVED - 50% OFF TODAY!” and you think to yourself, “Great!  I will be able to save some money today.”  You walk around the store, make your purchase and end up spending the same amount of money anyway!  While you may have gotten more for your money, where is the savings? Continue Reading »

Getting (and Staying) Financially Fit for the Rest of 2012

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Managing Your Parents' Finances

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Five Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

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Making Your Charity List - And Checking It Twice

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Earning Credit Outside the Classroom: Credit Cards & College Students

I still remember the day it arrived.  I was 18 years old and a freshman at Temple University.  Just days before, I traded in my personal information in exchange for a Frisbee and the promise of my first credit card to arrive by mail.  The first thing I did when it arrived was go to the store where my friend worked part-time and ask if she could "check" to see if it worked.  She tested the card on a $9.99 item and it seemed to go through.  I was ready to pay for my books at the start of the next semester. However, when the first statement arrived, I was surprised to see an amount due of $9.99.  The testing of the card didn't work out as planned and the credit card company didn't want to hear my story about it being a mistake.  I stubbornly refused to pay, and my $9.99 small debt ballooned with interest and eventually a collections agency contacted me.  Reluctantly, I paid them and believed the incident was behind me, until the day I applied for a car loan. Continue Reading »

The 4th “R” – Rubbing Elbows for Success

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a special Career Connections Day in support of Rutgers University’s Future Scholars program.  About 50 eighth graders from Camden’s public schools enjoyed a day of networking with several regional businesses and organizations. The students broke into teams and took field trips to three businesses for tours and in-depth views of their operations. We had the pleasure of hosting a team at the Camden Branch and also at our regional headquarters on the Camden Waterfront. Continue Reading »