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Fall in LOVE -- with a great movie.

vdaymovieguidephotoIn cold February, what could be better than snuggling up by the fire with a warm cup of java or cocoa and popping in a favorite, classic romantic movie to make you laugh, warm the heart or move the soul? OK, I realize this may not be an idea for everyone, but in the spirit of Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating with recommendations for a top-notch romantic movie marathon. My must-sees are first, including ratings from, so you don’t just have to take my word for it! Romance-loving Susquehanna employees also offered their takes on the love movies they love. I’ve added a few at the end for good measure, in case you are going for a mega-marathon! Happy viewing, and may you find a movie worth falling for! Continue Reading »

Not into the New Year's Eve party scene? Check out these unique ways to ring in 2014

newyearseve2What are you doing New Year's Eve? It’s a question for the ages - one so popular there's even a song about it. And year after year, I typically have no idea what I am doing New Year's Eve! Of all the celebrations throughout the year, New Year's Eve is my least favorite. Staying up late. Partying with friends and strangers. Feeling awful the next day. Could it be at 33 that I’m just too old for this? My aversion to the holiday has made me adept at planning unconventional ways to celebrate. Continue Reading »

‘90s Nostalgia: It’s all that and a bag a chips

[caption id="attachment_3424" align="alignright" width="155"]Lauren with her graduation cake in 1999. Lauren with her high-school graduation cake, ready to party like it's 1999.[/caption] Take a ride with me in my car and you’ll find me constantly toggling between the “'90s on 9” and “Lithium” satellite stations. Not because I can’t find the perfect song, but because every song perfectly projects me back to the defining decade of my younger days – I’m a '90s girl through and through. I spent ages 9 through 19 in the 1990s, formative years that are punctuated by distinct memories of music, games, TV and style (or lack thereof!). Get ready to rock your one-shoulder overalls, put on some Pearl Jam and get jiggy down memory lane.  Continue Reading »

25 Ways You Too Can Be a Fall Fanatic

[caption id="attachment_3376" align="alignright" width="149"]My family’s list takes center stage on our kitchen chalkboard as a reminder of the fun that awaits! My family’s list takes center stage on our kitchen chalkboard as a reminder of the fun that awaits![/caption] Cleats stomping the football field.  A cozy gray sweatshirt and my favorite worn-in pair of jeans. Crisp fall air that seeps in through the open window and finds me wrapped in a warm blanket. The sweet smell of a cinnamon, apple or pumpkin confection rising in the oven. The perfect snack of ginger snaps washed down with a tall glass of apple cider. I love everything about fall. I romanticize each glorious trait and hold on with firm grasp to each passing day because they seem to come and go so quickly. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve gone “back to school,” but to me, September brings a kind of new beginning full of so many gorgeous (and scrumptious) treasures that I can’t get enough. When picking out baby names, we even agreed on the name Autumn if we’d had a baby girl because I simply couldn’t think of anything more beautiful. So today, the first day of fall, I celebrate the season to come with a wish list of activities that will turn you into a fall fanatic too! Continue Reading »

Facing Financial Fears on Friday the 13th

DebtDo you catch the ‘creeps’ on Friday the 13th? Even if superstition isn’t your thing, it’s tough to avoid the sense of fear that lingers. This Friday is the first occurrence of the dreaded day this year and I’m sure I’ll be looking over my shoulder a little more than usual. While many of us are looking out for black cats, ladders and things that go bump in the night, there is an even bigger fear present in a lot of American homes - not just today, but almost every day. Has Financial Fear gotten its grip on you yet? Continue Reading »

The Best Financial Advice I’ve Received, Courtesy of Dad.

Home FinanceI had a garage sale last weekend, full of mounds and mounds of baby clothes and toys that I had no qualms about parting with. In fact, I couldn’t believe we had amassed that much “stuff” in four years. For my son, however, it was tough to understand why we were getting rid of his things, even though he hasn’t played with most of them in years. I tried my best to explain that if we sell these “old” things, we can make money to buy new toys. This event presented yet another opportunity to teach a lesson in money management. Continue Reading »

Vacation Savings Tips that Add up to Hundred$ In Your Wallet

[caption id="attachment_3134" align="alignright" width="245"]My son enjoying our store-bought breakfast at our hotel on vacation. My son enjoying our store-bought breakfast at our hotel on vacation.[/caption] I try not to take a vacation from being frugal, even when I’m on vacation. Sure, I’ll try to squeeze in a nice, indulgent dinner at a great restaurant, but I can feel good about doing it when I know I’ve saved money elsewhere. I’m game to save whenever and however I can. That said, if you are looking for tips on how to save on airfare or hotel rates, I don’t have any secret tips to share. The web is full of advice on scoring those types of deals, so I’ll leave that to the experts. I’m sharing my solutions for saving in some more unexpected, unconventional ways – from strollers to snacks! Continue Reading »

Cash rewards to use any way you like? That’s Stellar!

Stellar LaunchStellar Checking with Smart Rewards is here! And we’re so excited to talk about the ways you can earn cash rewards by doing simple banking activities that are probably already part of your routine, like making debit card purchases, paying bills online and saving money.   Continue Reading »

This Idea Is for the Birds

Since moving to our house in the woods a little over a year ago, my husband started keeping a journal of all the flora and fauna that we’ve spotted . There have been some unusual sights – the day we moved in, a deer traveled up the slope of our backyard onto the driveway and let my husband pet it on the head. And about two months ago – while getting dressed in the early morning – I ran around the house yelling “turkey parade” as four adults and five turkey young marched across the backyard in ceremonious fashion. It’s been pretty wild! Continue Reading »

Creativity in Disguise:Homemade Halloween Costumes

Finding time to express myself creatively has become a challenge. I get to think creatively at work, but actually putting pen (or paint) to paper is extremely rare. I thought my 3-year-old might have me covered in crayon and finger paint on a regular basis, but despite his parents’   Continue Reading »

A Day Out in State College, PA: My Stomach is Grumbling Just Thinking About It…

[caption id="attachment_2639" align="alignright" width="300"] New State College South Atherton Branch[/caption] Mention a trip to State College, and instantly the thought bubbles that form above my head are filled with various scrumptious culinary delights that can only be found within the town’s limits. Many memories from my four years on Main Campus at Penn State University revolve around shared delicacies in between classes and study breaks. But the beauty of this town extends far beyond the plate. So let me be your tour guide though a day in State College – but know that I lead where my stomach takes me. Continue Reading »

A Lesson in Making Every Dollar Count

From ‘extreme couponing’ to making your own baby food, it’s trendier than ever to be frugal. It also makes good cents (pun intended!). We know our customers work hard for their money, and we’d like to help them keep more of it…Because every dollar counts. Every dollar saved contributes to a goal - large or small. Last month we set up camp in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia and asked shoppers, workers and tourists what they do to save. We featured a number of those participants in a new Susquehanna Bank television spot that premiered in February. There were several very unique responses, and some we heard again and again. Whatever the strategy, saving money is hopefully a trend that outlasts any current economic woes. May good saving behavior never go out of style! Read on for the most popular responses we heard from the people on the street. Continue Reading »

Does Cupid’s Arrow Point to One Checking Account or Two?

The second month of the year – it must be the season of love! I can’t help but a feel a little nostalgic this month, as I got engaged in frigid February - many years ago! Much has transpired since then, but one thing I’m always thankful for is that when it comes to finances, my sweetheart and I have always been on the same page. Whether you’ve just been hit by cupid’s arrow or are planning your big wedding day, it’s never too early to start thinking about you and your partner’s financial styles. There are a number of key issues to explore to ensure your goals line up. Don’t pass GO without thoroughly exploring these issues first! Assuming you’ve addressed and come to an agreement on the crucial issues, how will you manage your day-to-day finances? It all hinges on the ever-popular checking account to keep the money flowing in and out to all the right places. So here is where it gets tricky. Is a joint account more your style, or are you looking to keep things separate? Continue Reading »

Don't Let “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Become “Owe, Owe, Owe!” - Avoid Holiday Overspending

Before the last stitch was even in my son’s Halloween costume this year, I spied TV commercials encouraging me to start my Christmas shopping. It appears Black Friday is no longer the official start of the holiday shopping season, like it or not, so how can my budget survive nearly two months of spending pressure? Thankfully, I believe with a little pre-planning, I can shop for everyone on my list, stay on budget, and even have a little room to treat myself, and you can too! Nothing to fear! Continue Reading »

How to Succeed in Business (By Doing More than Just Trying)

Imagine that you suddenly have an opportunity to buy a business from two retiring owners. It’s in an industry that you know well, but you’ve never owned your own company before. Deciding to leave steady employment to go out on your own is a daunting proposition. You decide to take the plunge! Continue Reading »

Risk and Reward: Real Estate Edition

The concept of risk has been weighing on my mind a lot these days. I’m not a risk taker. I never have been. In fact, I usually analyze every possible scenario until I identify whatever minuscule risk is involved, and then use that as an excuse to run the other direction. Continue Reading »