Steve is Susquehanna's Corporate Communications Manager, which means that his job is to share information about the company. In fact, his career has been based on trying to get people the information they need; he’s worked as a tour guide, journalist and college instructor. He also serves on the board of the Harrisburg Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. An avid reader and moviegoer, he was a background extra in two movies filmed in central Pennsylvania that were based on books: Beloved and Girl Interrupted. So did that lead to fame and fortune? Put it this way: Steve doesn’t respond to requests for autographs, primarily because he’s never received one.

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Thinking Outside the Croissant: Developing a Community Perspective

One day while out for lunch at a restaurant, one of my colleagues wanted the half-sandwich special, which came with soup or a salad. The problem was the fact that she wanted a croissant sandwich.             “We can’t do the half-sandwich special with a croissant sandwich,” the server said.             “Why not?”             The server replied: “What would we do with the other half of the croissant?”             True, you can make a smaller sandwich by taking one slice of bread and cutting it in half. With a croissant, there’s no way to halve it without having the other part left over.           Continue Reading »

Lights, Camera, Save...for a Car

Ask a teenager about an important goal to save for, and a lot of them will mention a car. The two winners in our Lights, Camera, Save! video contest both used this example to create great videos, and one is now a finalist in the national contest run by the American Bankers Association Education Foundation. Continue Reading »

Refrigerator Recycling Heats Up in Philadelphia

When does achieving less equal success? When you’re measuring waste. That’s exactly what they’re doing at an Appliance Recycling Centers of America facility in Philadelphia. Thanks to a new 40-foot-tall “refrigerator shredder” (my description) funded by Susquehanna Bank, ARCA is reducing the waste from discarded refrigerators by 85%. And it’s created 50 new jobs in the process. Continue Reading »

Take 2: Teens Can Enter Our Second Annual "Lights, Camera, Save!" Video Contest

There’s a common expression about how to make a point: show, don’t tell. So Susquehanna Bank and the American Bankers Association Education Foundation are inviting teenagers to use video to show the importance of saving. If their message is creative, focused, and well-presented, they could win valuable prizes. This   Continue Reading »

Summer School: Lessons on Student Loans & Bank Accounts

Congratulations! You just graduated from high school and are looking forward to a carefree summer before starting college. The last thing you want is another assignment. Trouble is, you have at least two: make sure you have enough money to pay for college, as well as a way to manage money while you’re there. Summer is the time many students take care of these tasks. Want some tips? Looks like school’s back in session. Continue Reading »

April Foole: A Day in a Life that's Fraught with Fraud

There’s an old saying that a fool and his (or her) money are easily parted. In honor of April Fools’ Day, here’s a cautionary tale about an office manager who seems oblivious to financial threats. See if you can identify how many times she puts herself or others at risk of fraud, identity theft, or other crimes. Continue Reading »

Facing Down the Prospect of Foreclosure

Chances are you’ve seen some of the fallout of the roughest economy in decades: family homes lost to foreclosure. From city streets to sprawling suburbs, many communities have seen a rise in the number of homes whose owners could no longer afford the mortgage payments. If you’ve suffered a financial setback and fear that you’ll fall behind on your mortgage, take action early. Contact your lender and let them know about your challenges. The earlier they know, the more options you’ll have to make adjustments that may keep you in your home. Continue Reading »

Take Care…and Keep Your Identity to Yourself

“Take care!” Have you ever heard someone use that as a way of saying goodbye? Have you ever used it yourself? What exactly are we asking people to “take care” of? Do we only say it to friends who are sick, unlucky, or prone to taking dangerous risks? Or can we use it to end a conversation with almost anyone? Isn’t there something that each of us should take better care of? Continue Reading »

Lights, Camera, Save!

Does your son or daughter dream of becoming the next great movie star, but you’d be happier if they got a “regular” job and learned how to manage their money? Well, the American Bankers Association Education Foundation has created a way to get started on both goals: a video contest for teenagers titled, “Lights, Camera, Save!” As with most contests, this one includes prizes! Continue Reading »

A Recipe for Job Growth

Tell me I’m going to a press conference about how Susquehanna Bank’s SBA lending helps to create jobs, and I’m happy to do it. It’s part of my job. Tell me the press conference is at Philadelphia’s hottest new Italian restaurant at noon, and suddenly it sounds much too enjoyable to be called work. So I found myself at Amis Trattoria on Monday, attending a press conference held by SBA Administrator Karen Mills…and sampling ricotta ravioli and oxtail ragu. Continue Reading »

“O.L. MacDonald Got a Loan”…With Help from USDA

Remember Old MacDonald from the classic children’s song, the one who had a farm? If he were looking for a loan, it wouldn’t be surprising if he turned to a funding program run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, right? But what about a small business…let’s call it O.L. MacDonald, Inc. …that needs a loan to establish a manufacturing plant. O.L. MacDonald doesn’t have a farm. No reason for him to consider the USDA, right? Not so fast… Continue Reading »