Tiffany works in the Corporate Communications department as a Branding Specialist. In her free time she enjoys going out to eat and trying different foods from different cultures, as well as taking long walks, running and doing Pilates. Going to the beach is another one of her favorite things to do; she was born a fish out of water and can never get too much of the sun! She’s always been interested in architecture and would enjoy going back to school to be an architect. To indulge this interest, she jumps at any chance to travel! Currently on her list of places to visit are the Grand Canyon, visiting a Napa Valley vineyard and traveling through Italy. Tiffany loves experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.

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Anniversary Options: Three Cities for Fun Day Trips

[caption id="attachment_2533" align="alignright" width="426"] Philadelphia Skyline[/caption] June has just begun and that means wedding/anniversary season has started. Over the past few years June has become the month for weddings, including my own last year! In preparing for my own anniversary, I thought it might be helpful to list some fun places and things to do throughout the Susquehanna Bank region.  Even if you’re not celebrating an anniversary, any of these cities are great places to just get away! Continue Reading »