Cash rewards to use any way you like? That’s Stellar!

Stellar LaunchStellar Checking with Smart Rewards is here! And we’re so excited to talk about the ways you can earn cash rewards by doing simple banking activities that are probably already part of your routine, like making debit card purchases, paying bills online and saving money.

 Of course, extra cash every month can come in handy for everyday purchases like groceries and gas. But what if you let your imagination run wild with possibilities? Our new TV spot indulges the fantasies of mom, dad and daughter as they imagine just how they could use their Smart Rewards to bring some added joy. As I’m sure you’d find in your household, everyone has a different take on how to spend the extra cash.

How nice would it be to indulge in a 30-minute massage? Or go out with friends wearing that new jacket you’ve been eyeing? Would some extra cash let you create the ice sculpture of your dreams? Did I lose you there? To each his own, as you’ll see here.

 My husband would buy a new goose call, while I would splurge on new summer footwear. Tell us about your spending or saving dream! Or how you plan to use your Smart Saver and Smart Spender Rewards this year.

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2 Responses to Cash rewards to use any way you like? That’s Stellar!

  1. Don Crawford says:

    About stellar checking -
    !. Is there any annual fee?
    2. What about monthly service charge

    3. Any minimum balance requirements

    4. I have a Roth IRA there already – do you identify this as a savings account?

    1. Susquehanna says:

      Hi Don. Here are the answers to your questions:
      1) No
      2) No fee with eStatements; $3 monthly fee if you decide to get paper statements.
      3) No
      4) Roth IRAs are not identified as savings accounts.

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