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Making It Fresh, Healthy and Affordable this Holiday Season

‘Tis the holiday season again. Time for parties, dinners, cookies and pies… and the thought of yet again making that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym. Not to mention the dent in your pocketbook if you are the lucky holiday dinner host! Why not try some fresh and healthy dishes for the holidays this year? But, how do you know what has the best flavor this week? Lucky for you, I have a friend who can help us out!

When I want to know what’s fresh for the week, I turn to The Produce Geek (aka- Jonathan K. Steffy). Every week he sends out a newsletter to let us lucky followers not only know what’s fresh that week, but also what’s a bargain, the must-haves, and other tips.

Top five must-haves for holiday dinners are: celery, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes and of course a green veggie. Celery and onions will be great in stuffing or filling. Try using celery hearts this year, as they have the best flavor and are value-priced. Carrots are a pretty versatile veggie, adding color to many dishes as well as standing alone by being roasted, steamed and so much more! Sweet potatoes’ quality and pricing are good this year, so buy up and eat up! And for your green veggie, how about trying a recipe this holiday season featuring fresh green beans or asparagus?

How can you save money on these fresh, healthy foods?

  • Watch your store fliers. Every week they will have specials on a variety of fruits and vegetables that are good that week.
  • Even though some things are priced at two for a certain price, you may not need two of that particular thing.  Many times the item will still ring up at the special price, even if you only buy one.
  • Don’t buy a fruit that’s ripe at the store if you’re not going to use it or eat it right away.  It will end up being rotten before you get to enjoy it!

So, what will be on your dinner table this holiday season? I personally can’t wait to try the warm apple cider. What is your favorite recipe for this time of year?  Post it on our page so we can all try something new!

A special thanks to Jon and the rest of The Produce Geek gang for tips on finding out what’s going to get you the freshest flavor for your money!

Happy Holidays!

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