A Lesson in Making Every Dollar Count

From ‘extreme couponing’ to making your own baby food, it’s trendier than ever to be frugal. It also makes good cents (pun intended!). We know our customers work hard for their money, and we’d like to help them keep more of it…Because every dollar counts. Every dollar saved contributes to a goal – large or small.

Last month we set up camp in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia and asked shoppers, workers and tourists what they do to save. We featured a number of those participants in a new Susquehanna Bank television spot that premiered in February. There were several very unique responses, and some we heard again and again. Whatever the strategy, saving money is hopefully a trend that outlasts any current economic woes. May good saving behavior never go out of style! Read on for the most popular responses we heard from the people on the street.

Coupons. Coupons. Coupons.
Buy generic items.
Only shop when there is a sale. 
Whether it’s the circulars in the Sunday paper, online coupon codes, community-saving sites (like Groupon®) or super-saver keychain cards from the market or drug store, consumers seem dedicated to doing a little upfront work to save a lot of money. They are also shopping the circulars for weekly specials, buying generic brands to cut costs and shopping only when there is a sale.

Eat out less. Eat at home more.
Pack your lunch.
Not only are consumers saving at the grocery store, but they are eating at home more too. Dining out can be costly, so consumers have found that preparing meals at home saves dollars, and the meals can be stretched further as well. If leftovers aren’t eaten for dinner the next evening, they also pack up well for lunch. The monetary (and health) benefits of “brown bagging it” can add up fast.

Use public transportation.
Drive the speed limit.
With the price of gas approaching $4/gallon, saving money on a daily commute is a necessity. Employers are encouraging co-workers to carpool. In some cities, public transportation proves to be more economical than driving to and fro. Did you know that by driving the speed limit, and avoiding hard braking and frequent acceleration, you can cut gas consumption by up to 20%?

Turn off unnecessary lights.
Keep the heat down low – and dress warmly.
Do a home energy audit.
Thankfully, a mild winter has made it easier to save money on the heating bill this year. But consider lowering the thermostat one more degree, and adding a layer of clothes. One enthusiastic respondent hadn’t even turned his heat on this winter. Brrrrr!

Think outside the box.
Not all saving tips work for everyone, but getting creative can offer some fun options that may just be a perfect fit. My favorite tip of the day came from two college roommates. They shared a similar personal style and clothing size, so they got double duty out of their wardrobes!

What clever ideas help you keep your wallet full?


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