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I’m Strong to the Finish Line When I Drink My Spinach!

As a swimmer I always look for an incentive that not only keeps me motivated during the practices but also helps me meet my goals, especially when drill time begins at 5:00 AM.  The incentive need not be expensive nor complicated, but rewarding.  Until recently I used to be motivated just by knowing that my favorite post-workout shake was waiting for me after practice. Lately, my incentive has doubled after finding out how much I’ve been saving since preparing the shake myself rather than buying it at my local gym.

Every morning after getting home from swim practice I prepare a post-workout beverage to help me regain lost energy.  In the ingredients of my shake lie the secret of my success: 1 ripened frozen banana (.22 cents), 16 oz of 1% milk (.43 cents), 8 oz of raw old-fashioned oatmeal (.61 cents), and a handful of baby spinach leaves – yes, spinach! –  (.37 cents). One last hint: the night before, I peel and freeze the banana, which gives the drink a “smoothie” consistency.

When compared to the one sold at my local gym, my concoction (at $1.63 per serving) wins by $3.12 saving me $93.60 a month.  And that’s only on one shake.  Imagine the savings potential on three meals a day!

I had to start saving money somewhere. Like someone once told me, there are thinkers and believers, so I decided to stop thinking about it and began believing that I could. The most significant difference is always attained when we least expect it.  I no longer see cooking or fixing meals as a chore; instead, I see it as a great way of boosting my creativity, especially if it leads to saving a few bucks.

What hints do you have to share about how to save extra cash while preparing a meal at home?

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