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A Greener Earth, One Garden at a Time

April 22 is Earth Day. For some this is a day to pledge to do an “Act of green.” For me it’s a day to think about dirt and rocks, plants, and trees; and plan what I am going to get into this year. I love to get my hands dirty…well my gloves anyway. April is a great time to plan how to add a little green to your life, and you don’t have to be an expert to get a garden you can be proud of. Here are a few tips that are good for Mother Earth and your bottom line.

Plant herbs and vegetables

Stretch your gardening budget to cover your grocery bill. Add a bed for veggies and herbs. If you don’t have space for an extra bed, no one ever said flowers and veggies can’t live in harmony! And if a patch of earth isn’t available, veggies, flowers and herbs mix well in container gardens in windows and on balconies too. Simply read the labels and group plants that have the same light and soil requirements together.

Plan for the future

Purchase perennials as the foundation for your flower garden. These plants are often more costly up front, but you dig once and are rewarded year after year. This saves both time and money in the long run. You can always intermingle a few less expensive annuals each year to spice up your garden and keep your look fresh.

Take advantage of local greenhouses and nurseries

You may get lower prices at big box stores on some items, but I’ve often found that local greenhouses or garden centers not only have fair prices, their employees are worth any extra dollars on the bill. Use their knowledge to select plants that grow best in your area, get tips on planting and caring for your plants, and learn how to fight common pests and diseases. You don’t need to have a green thumb if you know someone who does!

Whether it’s a few pots on your window sill, an elaborate terraced garden full of blooms, or a patch of veggies in the corner, take a minute this Earth Day to decide what works for your lifestyle. A little or a lot, planting some green goes a long way to making the Earth and our homes a better place to live.

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