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Staycation or Vacation?

Lately, with our economy struggling to recover and many people out of work, the new trend has been to take a “staycation.”  However, what if you want to go on a vacation that won’t amount to debt that lasts well after the relaxation fades?  Here are a few tips.

After you decide where you want to go, figure out the most economical way to get there.  With gas prices continually going up, you may be better off looking into another mode of travel such as the train.  You don’t have to worry about directions or what you can or can’t take on a carry-on!  If you do need to go by plane, visit sites such as Travelocity® or Expedia® to find a cheap rate.  Being flexible on the dates you want to leave and the flight times can save you a lot of money.  Compare rates to the actual airline’s website.  Another way to save would be to bring your own food to snack on instead of stopping at fast food restaurants on the road or buying in-flight snacks on the plane.

Another option for saving money on a vacation is to go on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort.  While it may appear to be more expensive up front, you actually save by not spending on all of the extra expenses like meals.  Remember to budget for all your activities and explorations while in-port.

Make saving for a vacation into a game for your kids.  Save up change and see how quickly it adds up.  Write on a board how much money you need for the vacation and graph how much money is saved towards it.  Allow the kids to do extra jobs around the house to earn money to add towards the vacation so they can feel like they contributed.  Put the money into a savings or club account to earn a little interest.

With a little budgeting and planning you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams!

What suggestions do you have to help make traveling more affordable?

(Travelocity is a registered trademark of LP, and Expedia is a registered trademark of Expedia, Inc.)

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