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You’ve Got Us in the Palm of Your Hand

I’m generally comfortable with new technology, and like most people, I’ll embrace a new technology if it works for me. Many of my acquaintances have been sliding their fingers across touch screen phones and sending text messages with rapid fire speed for years.

Recently, I thought back to a time when I was hesitant to enter into the texting world. A friend said to me, “I’ll text you to let you know what time,” and I asked him, “Why not just call?” His answer was, “Because then we’d have to talk.” Ouch. But now as a full-fledged texter since 2006, I realize sometimes it is easier to give or get a piece of information, without having to converse about it. Texting is instant gratification.

Text banking is our way of allowing customers to request and receive simple information instantly. This must be the easiest way yet to obtain basic bank account information.  Now when you’re looking for simple account details, like balances or transaction history, you can just receive it in a text. Simple.

Since I started using text banking I was able to see the benefits immediately. First off, it was really easy to enroll and use. I signed up in a matter of minutes through Internet Banker. My Internet Banker ID is now tied to my cell phone number. When I text a balance (bal) or history (hist) inquiry to the text banking number, I get an instant reply.

I foresee this service coming in handy when shopping, traveling or when a web browser for mobile banking isn’t accessible. Plus, text banking makes accessing an account even easier by eliminating the need to enter an ID and password. The texts are secure since it’s not sending any account details – only transaction totals and balances. My account numbers and Social Security number are nowhere in the mix; something that’s important to me in case my phone gets lost or is stolen.

Now I have another banking service that gives me a way to track my account balance and spending, in line with something I do every day – texting. Give it a try and let me know what you think. But don’t call. Text.


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