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Take Your Cue from Cupid: Focus on Hearts, Not Dollars, for Valentine’s Day

One dozen long stem red roses: $50.00
Heart shaped box of gourmet chocolates: $40.00
Dinner for two with a bottle of champagne: $125.00
Heart shaped diamond pendant: $320.00
Overspending for Valentine’s Day: PAINFUL!

So, how do you make Valentine’s Day special and stay on a budget?  We asked several of our employees how they save money on Valentine’s Day and here are a few of their ideas.

Kim, of Hagerstown, MD, told us how one Valentine’s Day she went in to her local pizza parlor and had them make a heart-shaped pizza to surprise her husband.  She had it delivered to his office and everyone was jealous!

David in Mullica Hill, NJ, feels that in this fast-paced world, the most valuable gift to give someone is your time.  While spending time together, you could do what Daniel of West Lawn, PA, suggested and cook your favorite meal while reminiscing.

If you have many Valentines, you can start a tradition like Sylvia, of Elizabethtown, PA.  In 1970 she started making cream puffs for her husband on Valentine’s Day.  It became a yearly ritual for them and now she makes them for her children and grandchildren.  They come every year looking for their special treats.

Are you feeling crafty?  Wade, of Valley Forge, PA, shared with us how he and his wife had a long-distance relationship and would send each other ‘homemade postcards.’  He would print out a picture of the two of them and glue it to a piece of cardstock.  On the back he would write a message to her and mail it.  You could deliver one to your Valentine on the special day, or every day for the week leading up to Valentine’s!

Feeling bold?  Randall, of Allentown, PA, suggested dressing up like Cupid to surprise your Valentine.  I think anyone would be surprised if Cupid showed up in their living room!

This year, instead of focusing on how much money to spend on your Valentine, get creative!  Use one of these ideas or see what you can come up with.  Do you have a great money-saving Valentine’s Day gift idea?  We’d love to hear about it!

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