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You Love Us, You Love Us Not – Either Way, You Can Tell Us

Wouldn’t it be nice if at the start of a new relationship, you were given some guidelines defining what you could expect from the union? We think so. That’s why about a year ago, we developed Susquehanna Star Service and commitments that define what you, as a customer, can expect in your relationship with Susquehanna. Since then, we’ve received a lot of customer feedback on how we live up to our commitments. And while we’ve found out that some customers consider us the perfect partner, others have pointed out things we could work on to make the relationship better.

And isn’t that what makes a good relationship—open communication? I mean, sure, it doesn’t always feel great when my husband suggests things that I could work on to improve myself or our relationship. But I know I’m not perfect, and that if I welcome his compliments then I also have to be open to his constructive criticisms—although not the ones about my cooking because I was pretty upfront about my culinary skills (or lack thereof) from the start.

So, in the spirit of the upcoming “relationship” holiday, I invite you to be open with us. If there are things we can work on to make our relationship better, please tell us. And if there are things we do particularly well in your opinion, by all means, we’d like to hear that feedback, too. You can always talk to us in person, on the phone, send us a letter or fill out our new Star Service “Tell Us How We’re Doing” feedback form. You can post comments on our blog as well, although please remember to adhere to the blog guidelines and never to post any account-identifying information.

We value your feedback, appreciate your business and promise to work hard to make our relationship with you the best it can be.

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