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Information is Power in Business Banking

Sit at your desk, go online and pick one of the major Internet search engines.  Now enter a random search related to your business – say, communications or identity theft or local business resources.  Almost without exception the first results you will see are companies that are trying to sell you equipment, software or how-to manuals.  The search engine providers have figured out how to turn your search for answers into big returns for those businesses willing to pay to reach you.  The way you find business resources may have changed, but we’re here to help you find information sources that you can trust.

In the dark ages (the early ‘90s) before the Internet was sitting on your desk, you controlled how and when you got your information.  You visited the library or chamber of commerce or called your accountant or attorney to get usable, practical answers to business questions.  Information is power.  Search engines put a lot of information at your fingertips, but in the process we give them some of the power.

It is important to have a trusted source for no-strings-attached, accurate information that you can use in your business.  In prior posts, I’ve discussed the benefits of developing a close relationship with your banker, which is still important.  However, you may prefer to research business banking information yourself prior to reaching out to your banker, attorney, accountant or support network.

We’ve now added a resource that can give you the information you need to grow your business and ensure that you’re asking your professional partners the right questions.  You can find our new Business Resource Center on our website,, within the “Business” tab. There you’ll find expert advice on everything from identity theft and fraud to accessing capital.  The “Emerging Markets” section offers extensive information for women, minorities and seniors in business; everything from procurement to mentoring resources to social networking.  And the best part?  No pop-up advertisements, no software sellers – no catches and no cost to you.

So, think about where your information comes from, who is providing it and what their motive is.  In other words, if information is power, take the power back.

What’s the biggest question challenging your business right now? Maybe we can help you find an answer in our Business Resource Center.

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