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Does a Bank TV Commercial Count as 15 Minutes of Fame?

In the marketing department, we’re always telling stories. Not too long ago we created some TV commercials to tell the story of how people are “doing what counts” in local communities each day.

Where did we turn for inspiration – and for the people and places to feature in these ads? We went straight to the experts: our customers and employees!

The day-to-day reality that we all live in is a common thread between us all and a great basis for a good story.  It’s the story of complete strangers living parallel lives and working towards the same basic goals — to be good neighbors, to take care of the environment, to make it to work on time, to help children with their homework. In other words, to do what counts. It’s sharing the basic everydayness that makes us a community.

When we wanted to share this positive notion of local communities in our TV ads, many of our customers gave us a helping hand. They willingly volunteered for roles in the commercials, even if we asked them on a moment’s notice as they walked into a branch! Susquehanna Bank customers have proved they know what it means to be part of a community that helps one another. Thank you!

As members of the community, Susquehanna’s employees carry these same traits into the office. They want to do what counts, whether it’s helping a customer balance their check book or personally delivering a lost wallet on Christmas Eve (yes, we’ve done that!). So our employees are also some of the featured stars in our TV commercials.

See if you can recognize one of your neighbors or a local landmark in one of our four commercials airing on local TV stations and right here.

We’ll give you a hint about one: the café featured in the ads is Café Chocolate in Lititz, PA. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Café Chocolate for one of their many fine Free Trade chocolate treats. If you’re one of the first 20 people to mention this blog post, you’ll get their signature Turbo drink on us! The chocolate, espresso goodness is even better than 15 minutes of fame! Trust me.

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