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Even at a Bank, Green Can Mean More than Money

Earth Day has been celebrated for more than forty years now. This is a relatively short time period, considering planet Earth itself is billions of years old. But, over the past forty years we’re slowly committing to treating Mother Earth like the lady she is.

Sometimes when we think about treating the Earth well, it’s hard to know where to put our efforts. There are so many paths to take – watersheds, wildlife and land conservation, carbon footprint and energy reduction – how do you commit to just one effort?

While talking with some of my co-workers here at Susquehanna, I realized our company is taking steps to be environmentally conscious where we can. The bank provides customers with the option to receive statements and some communications electronically to cut down on paper consumption. Internally, we’re moving towards creating a business practice that involves less paper processing for a more efficient operating system that produces less waste.

We also use light sensor lighting in our operations center in Lititz, PA, to cut down on energy use. In this building, electric lights automatically turn off if there is enough natural light to fill the space. Our regional headquarters in Hagerstown, MD is in a LEEDTM certified office space. We have employees who carpool to work, and some who bike when the weather’s nice.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to “green up,” check out the website, A Billion Acts of Green. There you can pledge an act to help the planet or find an event to participate in. I am pledging to remember to take my recyclable grocery bags to the store. What will you pledge?

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