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Bankers Wearing Tool Belts? You Betcha!

Our team at Susquehanna works hard to enhance the communities we serve.

And when our team goes to work, we’re wielding more than a checkbook. We’re swinging hammers, toting lumber and even manning a jackhammer. In other words, these feet hit the streets!

Throughout the summer, more than 120 Susquehanna staff will take part in Habitat for Humanity builds. Having participated on several in Lancaster City, I can attest to the fact that banking is way easier than construction! Our group worked on framing the second floor of what will be a 3-bedroom townhome for a really awesome family from Ethiopia. It was a great team-building exercise, and we all learned some valuable new skills.

Most surprising to me was the fact that all Habitat homeowners-to-be have to invest “sweat equity,” which in this case was 500 hours of labor on their home or other Habitat projects. So do the math – 500 hours divided by a 40-hour work week equals 12.5 weeks of full-time work; more than 3 months, in addition to at least one if not more jobs in preparation for the no-interest mortgage payments. That’s a commitment!

Cities where you can find Susquehanna staff supporting Habitat this summer include Lancaster, York, Reading, Harrisburg and Pottstown, PA, as well as Hagerstown and Baltimore, MD, and Camden and Cherry Hill, NJ. Grab some work gloves and goggles and join us! It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

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