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Top 10 Ways Susquehanna Made a Difference in Our Communities this Year

Everyone loves a Top 10 list, right?  We get bombarded with them each December as we look back over the accomplishments and goings-on of the past year. So from the Community Relations Desk at Susquehanna Central, we give you the top 10 ways our company and staff made a difference in 2010. Enjoy!

10. Support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, the run-away winner of our winter Change a Child’s Life promotion. We donated more than $15,000 to this special organization helping in the fight against childhood cancers. Our staff in both Harrisburg and Philadelphia participated in their very own “lemonade stands!”

9. If there’s one thing Susquehanna employees love almost as much as supporting our communities, it’s the opportunity to wear jeans to work. Casual for a Cause allows our staff to contribute $5 to a worthy cause and, in exchange, wear jeans to work. We raised an average of $6,500 each time. Pretty amazing!

8. Having just concluded our 2010 campaign, we’re proud to report that staff pledged more than $315,000 in contributions to local United Ways this year. From the American Red Cross to the Boys & Girls Club, scouting organizations and more, the United Way is the single easiest way for our contributions to collectively impact health and human service agencies.

7. Thousands of young adults learned the importance of a clean credit report thanks to Susquehanna staff taking part in Get Smart About Credit. Who knew that signing up for a credit card to get a free college stadium blanket could come back to haunt you when signing up for a cell phone plan? Our teens do. And Not free; don’t fall for it. Go to, the only third-party authorized by the Federal Trade Commission to issue free credit reports.

6. Within a month of the devastating earthquake, Susquehanna staff came together and collected more than $19,000 for relief organizations leading the clean-up efforts in Haiti. With a matching corporate pledge, this amounted to $40,000 for outstanding nonprofits including Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corps, Save the Children and the Salvation Army.

5. We spent 17 full days building houses for hard-working families in need through Habitat for Humanity. 17 DAYS! That’s a lot of man/woman-power! Have you ever volunteered for Habitat?  If you’re looking to change your life and someone else’s in just eight hours, donate a day’s worth of time to a build in your community.

4. Tweet2Feed, our first-ever virtual AND viral food drive, is spreading like crazy! With just two simple clicks, Twitter users can direct Susquehanna to donate up to 15 meals for individuals and families in need. What are you waiting for?

3. Our fourth winning season of Strikeouts for Straights A’s, in partnership with minor league baseball, was a huge hit! Susquehanna made a contribution to a local school in honor of every strikeout thrown by each region’s home team. Since 2007, more than $250,000 has been contributed!

2. Hundreds of children enjoyed some quality time during Mind Your Pennies with ‘Buck,’ our children’s banking mascot, while listening to staff read stories like the Berenstain Bears’ Trouble With Money and Judith Viorst’s Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday. We could see the light bulbs going on in their little eyes as the differences between “needs” and “wants” were clearly illustrated (more importantly why it’s important to spend money on what you need first).

1. We started a BLOG – that’s right, the online conversation began this year! With financial tips, sound advice and more, Connections went live last July and readership has been growing ever since. We thank you and encourage you to let us know what else we can do to help you and your family be money-smart in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Did you volunteer to help out in your neighborhood or community this year? What was your most meaningful experience?

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