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United Way: Focusing Resources on Each Community’s Needs

Many area United Way campaigns are now wrapping up for this year. Together, Susquehanna employees raised an amazing $325,000 in pledges for 2012! With our corporate match, our grand total to United Ways in our market area is $650,000! But how is this money used to support local communities? 

The answer depends on where you are. Each United Way organization takes a detailed look at the critical needs in that particular community and focuses donations on where they can make a long-term impact.

At my local United Way (Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way), our “Focus on Results” is an effort to address the root causes of problems in Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties in Pennsylvania. They support innovative, preventative or new programs that positively affect long-term change and are focused on our Priorities for Impact that include: alcohol and drug abuse and its effect on individuals, families and communities; poverty; public transportation; need for positive social opportunities for at-risk teens aged 13-16; quality early childhood education; and initiatives focused on diversity in the Valley.

In other communities, the focus may be slightly different, depending on the needs of that community. The Lancaster (PA) United Way is focused on education, financial stability, and health — the building blocks of a good quality of life. The United Way of Southeastern PA is focused on education for children, income for families and health for seniors. In Maryland, the focus of the United Way of Central Maryland is helping individuals and families who are vulnerable and at risk meet their emergency needs, stabilize their lives and ultimately achieve a better quality of life.

As you can see, each United Way and community is slightly different. This is one of the reasons that Susquehanna supports the United Way — because each community is different and each local United Way assesses and addresses the critical needs in their community through their funding allocations.

Thanks to our employees for their generous pledges and to all our United Way organizations that are working to improve the lives of our neighbors!

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