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In Uniform or as Civilians, Veterans Serve Our Country

With 23 million U.S. military veterans, odds are you encounter a few of them on any given day: a coworker, police officer, teacher, soccer coach or your banker. You may not know the person is a veteran. But if you do, Veterans Day (November 11) is an appropriate day to offer them a word of thanks. For Veterans Day this year, we decided to recognize some of the veterans now working at our own company.

Derek Arnold, Branch Manager for the Gap, PA office, served as a Combat Engineer and worked with Carpentry and Masonry projects in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1992-2000.

John E. Beck, now a Senior Credit Review Officer based in Lititz, PA, was a Journalist 3rd Class in the Navy and served from 1973-1977. His primary duties were the programming and operation of a closed-circuit television station aboard the USS Coronado (LPD-11).


Denis Biscoe, a Loan Workout Officer in Hunt Valley, MD, was in the U.S. Army from 1967-1968 and spent a year patrolling the Korean Demilitarized Zone. He has fond memories of his year there, including a visit to a Korean family’s home to celebrate the birth of their first child.


Tony DeLeon, a Financial Service Representative at the Willow Street, PA, office was a Specialist EF in the Army National Guard from 1990-1996. His role was in personnel strength reporting in the 29th Light Infantry Division in Virginia. The highlight of his military career was being able to take part in the celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion in June of 1994.

Jane Faherty is the Branch Manager for the Sunbury, PA, office. Her rank in the U.S. Navy was CTO2 and she worked as a Cryptographer from 1978-1983.

Blaine T. Fessler retired last year after 30 years serving in the Army Reserves. As Lieutenant Colonel, his last position was as the Principal Inspector General for his Command, performing inspections, investigations and assistance with unit and soldier issues. He is also a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving one year in Iraq. Blaine is now the Vice President of Agricultural Lending in Sunbury, PA.


Robert Fischer is a Credit Analyst in PA Credit Administration. He served as a medic in an Army MASH in Korea from 1958-1960. Following his service he went to college on the GI Bill and graduated from LaSalle University with an accounting degree. From there he made the leap to the banking industry.

Jonathan Good manages the Alternative Cash & Electronic Services department in Lititz, PA. He served from 1993-1997 in the Air Force and 1997-2003 in the Maryland Air National Guard. A Staff Sergeant, he was a crew chief and aircraft mechanic.

Ed Gower is a retired Senior Master Sergeant, having served from 1975-1976 in the U.S. Air Force and 1976-1996 in the PA Air National Guard. He worked with communications, radio and equipment installation and repair. He is now the Corporate Facility Manager in Lititz, PA.


Frank E. Koser, a Retail Business Banker in Harrisburg, PA, was positioned as a Finance Specialist during his time as a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserves. He served from 1981-1987.


David Leney, Divisional Credit Officer in Camden, NJ, was a Specialist 5 in the U.S. Army. He served from 1968-1971 as an instructor of supply depot set-up and procedures.

Allen Loeb was a PN2 in the US Navy, serving from 1968-1973. He managed personnel records and was in charge of the ship’s office. Allen is a Small Business Senior Portfolio Manager in Blue Ball, PA.


Bill Mackey intercepted messages in Vietnamese code and translated them while serving as a Specialist 5th Class in the U.S. Army Security Agency from 1966 to 1970. He served in Vietnam and at the National Security Agency. Today, Bill is a Financial Service Representative at the Plaza Office in Sunbury, PA.

Dan Maher is an Electronic Funds Transfer Processor for the Card Services group in Lititz, PA. He served as a Troop Clerk from 1970-1971 in the U.S. Army.

Ralph Mowen was an Airman First Class in the U.S. Air Force from 1963-1967. He worked with radio maintenance, tactical air command and repaired radios used for tactical operations. He is now the Assistant Vice President of Physical Security in Lititz, PA.

Len Nickol, Assistant Manager of the Funds Transfer department in Lititz, PA, was a Specialist 5th class in the U.S. Army. After being drafted and training in Ft. Dix, NJ, and Ft. McClellan, AL, he served one year with the 293rd Engineer Battalion in Baumholder, Germany, as an officer records specialist.

Joe Overbaugh, who was trained in the Vietnamese language, worked with an advisory unit developing logistics and survival tactics with his South Vietnamese Army counterparts. He was a 1st Lieutenant in the Army in the Mekong Delta. He’s now an Audit Group Manager working in Manheim, PA, and still gets to occasionally practice his language skills.

Charles J. Petretti, a Mail Room Specialist for Hann Financial Service Corp. in Jamesburg, NJ, was a Specialist 5th Class in the U.S. Army. At an Air Defense Command Site, he directed operations of various Nike missile batteries. During his service from 1961-1964 he served in both Pedricktown, NJ and Pirmasens, Germany.

Ann Raresheid, a Financial Service Representative in Waynesboro, PA, served in the Air Force from 1980 to 1987. As a Funds Manager, she received a service medal for excellence for saving her assigned squadrons money. She worked her way from a forklift driver to the manager of a $16.5 million budget. And the most she ever went over budget was one penny! She says, “I constantly am using what I learned in the Air Force at Susquehanna. It’s all about reworking what you already know in a more cost effective way.”


William J. Reuter, Chairman and CEO of Susquehanna Bancshares, served as a Master Sergeant in the Maryland Air National Guard. While serving he was in charge of telecommunications and crypto transmission of classified messages.


Paul Santos Jr. is a Retail Business Banker in the Northern Susquehanna Valley Region in Pennsylvania. He is a retired Master Sergeant from the U.S. Marine Corps. From 1979-1999 he worked as an aircrew survival equipment-man and career recruiter.

Israel Thompson is the Assistant Branch Manager in West Deptford, NJ. Israel was an E-4 Specialist in the Delaware Army National Guard, where he spent four years as a Medical Laboratory Technician. The remainder of his service was spent as a Military Police Specialist and helping start up new MP units.

Jason Wiley, Senior Audit Consultant in Manheim, PA, served in the Army from 1992-1995 at Ft. Bragg, NC, with the 82nd Airborne Division as an Airborne Infantryman (Specialist/E-4).

To our employees as well as our customers who are veterans, we offer our thanks for your service to our country!

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