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Veterans at Home: The Benefits of VA Mortgages

Veterans dedicate years of their lives and put themselves at risk to serve their country. There is often not a fully appropriate way to thank them for the sacrifices they have made. However, we can work to help them establish or re-establish their lives when they return home from military service. The Veterans Administration and many businesses offer programs specifically designed for veterans, such as VA Home Loans.

Susquehanna Bank is able to assist veterans by offering VA Home Loans; U.S. Government-backed loans that don’t require a down payment. You can use the loan to buy a new home or refinance an existing home. Currently serving military members, the honorably discharged, reservists, National Guard members and surviving spouses may qualify for a VA Home Loan. The Department of Veterans Affairs website can help determine if you qualify for this type of loan and obtain a certificate of eligibility.

“Current VA Loans have just as competitive rates as conventional loans,” said Chad Neiss, a fellow blogger and Susquehanna’s Senior Vice President of Mortgage Sales. “Along with no monthly mortgage insurance and closing costs that can be entirely paid by the sellers, with some limitations, it’s a great benefit to take advantage of.”

Residential Mortgage Banker Todd Landis adds that “it is most important to have your credit checked and be pre-qualified before you shop. Be aware that the benefits differ based on your type of military service.”

You can find more details by watching the video, “VA Home Loans for Veterans”, or by getting in touch with a Susquehanna Mortgage Banker. We stand ready to assist veterans as they return home after serving our country.

What other programs do you know of that are available specifically to veterans and their families?

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