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Can a Dog (or is it a Reindeer?) Teach Your Kids About Saving?

Buck, the mascot for Susquehanna’s children’s savings program, is on the road this summer, visiting local libraries to teach children how to save. In addition to questions about dollars and cents, Buck’s appearances often lead kids to ask: Is he a dog, or is he a reindeer?

Truth is, we’re not sure. But if he helps kids to stretch their imagination as well as their dollars, we say, “He’s whichever you want him to be!”

Buck has logged a lot of miles already this summer (just ask Stephanie, our intern who gets to wear him!), traveling as part of two important educational initiatives – Mind Your Pennies and Strikeouts for Straight A’s.

Mind Your Pennies is a cool, interactive discussion on saving money for kids, done in conjunction with our local libraries.  Buck sits and listens while his banker buddies read a story, and then he gets kids talking about what they can do to earn, save, and yes, even spend, their money wisely. Wondering which library Buck will visit next? Just check out his schedule of upcoming appearances.

And another program ‘catching’ a lot of attention (get it?) is Susquehanna’s Strikeouts for Straight A’s. In partnership with Minor League Baseball, Susquehanna makes a contribution to a local educational program in honor of each strikeout thrown by the home team at home stands this season. In only four years, Strikeouts has garnered more than $200,000 in contributions to help make a grand slam in students’ grades. We’re really proud of it!

You can help teach your kids about money management too, simply by reading aloud to them. We asked our friends at the Federal Reserve for some suggestions of children’s books about saving, and you can check them out on our Mind Your Pennies website.

So have fun this summer, and maybe we’ll see you at a ball game or local library! (Just don’t ask Buck for autographs please – he doesn’t have opposable thumbs :-))

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