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Learning About Savings From Some Little Bears Who Don’t

“When little bears spend every nickel and penny, the trouble with money is they never have any!”

Stan & Jan Berenstain first penned that line in 1983, but the message holds true for little bears – and kids (and big kids, aka adults) – to this day. We’ll be sharing this message about saving money at local libraries this summer through the Mind Your Pennies children’s reading program.

Last summer, the Library System of Lancaster County asked Susquehanna to underwrite their Summer Reading Program. Part of the gift involved time; we enlisted the help of our staff to go out into their local libraries and read books to kids that explain the importance of saving money. Also hitting the streets was our much-beloved mascot, Buck (who was recently mistaken for a moose). The program was a huge hit! Kids learned valuable lessons regarding needs versus wants, and how difficult it can be to earn money, so you have to take spending it quite seriously.

For example, one of our favorite books is the Berenstain Bears’ “Trouble with Money,” featuring a young brother and sister with a love of shopping malls. The parents have to repeatedly remind the bears that money doesn’t grow on trees: “The cubs knew how really serious the situation must be. Papa had used three figures of speech and knocked over a chair. They decided right then and there to mend their careless, spendthrift ways.”

I, too, heard some interesting figures of speech when I proposed a $500 prom dress to my mom (who is a nurse) back in the day. When I realized how many extra hours she would have to work to cover the cost, it suddenly didn’t seem so critical.

This summer we’re building on last year’s Mind Your Pennies success, and going on the road with Buck and the Berenstain Bears company-wide! Look for Team Susquehanna folks at libraries in the following counties this summer:

Pennsylvania: Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster and Lycoming Counties

Maryland: Allegany and Baltimore Counties

New Jersey: Camden County

To see a schedule of programs or to learn more about talking with your kids about money, click here. Thanks to our awesome staff for their help with Mind Your Pennies, particularly those who are going to play Buck! (Just remember to check the batteries on the fan in the costume!)

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