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When is the best time of year to buy furniture, sneakers, dishware and other items? Check out this list.

shoppingDid you know April is one of the best times of the year buy sneakers?  And May is the best time to buy a refrigerator or a mattress? Maybe you knew that, but I had no clue!

I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper when it comes to buying clothes on clearance but certainly not when it comes to the best time of the year to buy tools, carpet, or office furniture, according to this list from

While researching the best time of the year to buy furniture, I was able to pick up some more helpful tips from LifeHacker as to when to buy certain household items:

January: New furniture comes out in February so this is a great time to get sale or clearance-priced furniture.  Annual “white sales” for linens are also held in January which makes it a good time to buy new sheets and bedding. Carpet and flooring appears to be cheaper in January since many people replace their carpet or flooring before the holidays – prices go down after the holiday season. Winter apparel is also hitting the sale and clearance shelves at this point to make room for spring items.

February: Here’s a shocker – chocolate is cheaper after Valentine’s day. I wouldn’t recommend missing the most romantic day of the year to save a few bucks but that’s your decision. You can usually find a good deal on TV’s prior to the big game!  Boat show season is in full swing so it’s a good time pick up a boat on sail (pun intended)!

March: It’s National Frozen Food Month which makes it a good time to stock up your freezer! Luggage prices also fall since it’s between vacation seasons. Winter sports equipment starts to go on sale.

April: You can pick up a pair of discounted sneakers in anticipation of the summer months. Graduation and wedding season is approaching so you will start to notice deals on cookware and dishware. April is National Car Care Month which may bring deals on car parts or service.

May: Mattresses go on sale around Memorial Day weekend. Retailers offer discounts to clear out their floor for new merchandise. Spring clothing also appears on the sale shelves. Office furniture is also marked down during the month of May. New refrigerator models come out in May so older models will be discounted.  New model vacuum cleaners come out in June so older models may also be discounted in May. Who knew?

June: Wedding season is picking up so you’ll find more deals on dishware and kitchenware. You’ll also find tools and other manly stuff on sale around Father’s Day. Gym memberships may also be discounted at this point in the year since many are exercising outdoors.

July: Post Father’s Day discounts on tools continue. Retailers also start offering sales on grills after the July 4th weekend. The semi-annual release of furniture occurs in August so furniture prices also drop in July.

August: Back to school supplies and clothing sales begin! Laptops, office supplies, and organizational items are also on sale for the back to school season. Summer apparel and swimsuits are discounted at this point. It’s also a good time to pick up camping gear on sale.

September: New model bicycles come out at the end of riding season so look for a good deal on older models. Mattress prices also decline around Labor Day weekend. New cars come out at the end of the summer which makes it a good time to purchase an older model. It’s also a great time to stock up on perennial plants or purchase patio furniture or a lawn mower.

October: Denim appears on sale shelves after the hoopla of back to school is over.  Check store shelves post Halloween to get next year’s costume or discount candy.  Remaining summer items hit deep discounts. September and October are the best time to buy big appliances since new models begin to come out so you can score a discount on an older model. Toy stores start their holiday toy sales.

November: Deep discounts on large appliances continue. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals offered on many TV’s and electronics.

December: TV’s and electronics sales continue after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday blitz. Many holiday toys hit their lowest price right before Christmas. It’s a great time to buy DVDs. Pool prices hit a low – beat the winter blues and buy a pool! Here’s a don’t – don’t buy jewelry around the holidays. Jewelry is often excluded from sales and consumers can expect to pay closer to full price around the holidays.

For many purchases, especially expensive ones, it’s good to monitor the price throughout the year and also compare prices at many retailers to catch the best deal possible.  For me it’s the thrill of the hunt to find the best deal! When were you able to snatch your best deal?

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