Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you should), is one million meals! And, good news, it’s not impossible!

Million Meal Mission Logo_wSBI Logo_RGBIn 2010, we launched our first-ever online food drive, #Tweet2Feed. At the time, we were social media newbies and had no idea what to expect, but the response was overwhelming!

In the first year, with our followers’ help, we donated 200,000 meals to local food banks. We continued the program in 2011 and 2012, expanding it to Facebook, and three years later our total number of donated meals stands at 830,000.

This year, we’re changing things up a bit because we have a milestone goal we want to attain: A million meals donated. Yes, part of it is we can’t resist a challenge. But mostly it’s because of heartbreaking statistics like the fact 49 million Americans are currently living in food insecure households (including 16 million children). That’s why we’re turning our #Tweet2Feed Campaign into a Million Meals Mission. Continue reading »

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Scarier than Halloween: Cybersecurity attacks

Hacker downloading information off a computerTake a walk outside tonight and there’s a good chance you’ll find ghouls, goblins, vampires and maybe even zombies roaming the streets.

Hey, it’s Halloween. These things happen.

But potentially more frightening are threats inside your computer.  As October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s a great time to talk about the types of threats and tips to help prevent attacks.   Continue reading »

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You may be ready for winter, but what about your yard and garden?

Winter garden blogI’m an avid gardener and love to have a beautiful yard, flower beds and flower pots.  I love trying new plants and color variations and my Pinterest boards are exploding with ideas to try.

But I will admit that most of my flower creations seem to look nicer in my head or online than they do in real life. Hey, I’m still learning!

I have even tried my hand at planting a garden and know now that seven tomato plants is entirely too many to maintain – at least for me! I’ve had enough tomatoes in the last few months to last me years – I don’t want to look at another tomato for a long, long time! Continue reading »

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Eat Better, Eat Together: A great idea for October and every month

Multi Generation Family Enjoying Meal At Home In this blog, we often write about unique holidays or commemorative months. Some can be frivolous and fun, some educational and others philanthropic in nature. October is home to one I think is really special, and one we can all benefit from – National Eat Better, Eat Together Month.

We all know the drill – if you have kids, changing gears from the relative leisure of summertime to a packed fall schedule can be overwhelming. Sports, scouting, music lessons and homework all clamor for attention and time. It’s easy to feel like we’re on an out-of-control carnival ride, zooming past home and family time on the way to the next activity, and grabbing snacks on the run.

But this month we’re reminded of the pleasure and value of dining as a family.

Continue reading »

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‘90s Nostalgia: It’s all that and a bag a chips

Lauren with her graduation cake in 1999.

Lauren with her high-school graduation cake, ready to party like it’s 1999.

Take a ride with me in my car and you’ll find me constantly toggling between the “’90s on 9” and “Lithium” satellite stations. Not because I can’t find the perfect song, but because every song perfectly projects me back to the defining decade of my younger days – I’m a ’90s girl through and through.

I spent ages 9 through 19 in the 1990s, formative years that are punctuated by distinct memories of music, games, TV and style (or lack thereof!). Get ready to rock your one-shoulder overalls, put on some Pearl Jam and get jiggy down memory lane.  Continue reading »

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Umbrellas for shoes, noodle coolers, dust mop onesies and other quirky inventions through time

iStock_000020669427SmallHere’s a little-known October anniversary in which bean-counters and number-crunchers everywhere may find worth celebrating: The first patent was issued to Dorr Eugene Felt for an adding machine – an ancestor of the modern day calculator – on Oct. 11, 1887.

The original model was made out of a macaroni box and meat skewers!

Known then as a comptometer, the device was revolutionary in that it did not require hand-cranking, which increased the accuracy of the computations.  Over the years, Felt made numerous improvements to the design, never tiring in his quest to create the ideal device for performing repetitive calculations.  This milestone in history inspired me to discover more about modern-day inventions. Continue reading »

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Susquehanna helps Millersville U. student in turtle conservation project

Jennifer Teson of Millersville University measures a terrapin as part of her research project at the Wetlands Institute.

Jennifer Teson of Millersville University measures a terrapin as part of her research project at the Wetlands Institute.

Background: Susquehanna Bank contributes funds to Millersville University in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to support students who choose community service-based internships at nonprofits or government agencies. The donation allows the university’s Office of Experiential Learning and Career Management to offer an award to selected students who are completing an academic internship during a summer semester.

This summer, Millersville student Jennifer Teson completed an internship with the Coastal Conservation Research Program at the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ. The  The following is a journal of her experience:

The Wetlands Institute strives to promote research, education, and conservation of the wetland ecosystem through efforts in field research, community involvement, and educational classes. Since I arrived at the end of May, I have participated in all aspects of their mission. Continue reading »

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Wearing Pink is One Thing – Being Proactive is Another

breast cancer blogI need all 10 fingers and all 10 toes to count the number of women I know who’ve survived lumpectomies, mastectomies, biopsies, chemo and radiation.

We are reminded about breast cancer when we have friends/family affected by it. However, during the month of October, not a soul can miss the sea of pink that overtakes the western hemisphere.  From the NFL (got to love those pink-striped cleats, and jerseys) to the average can of red and white labeled Campbell’s soup, which overnight becomes awash in hot pink and white!

Talking about breast cancer and wearing pink in support of awareness of the disease is one thing. However, being proactive to prevent it is another. Continue reading »

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25 Ways You Too Can Be a Fall Fanatic

My family’s list takes center stage on our kitchen chalkboard as a reminder of the fun that awaits!

My family’s list takes center stage on our kitchen chalkboard as a reminder of the fun that awaits!

Cleats stomping the football field.  A cozy gray sweatshirt and my favorite worn-in pair of jeans. Crisp fall air that seeps in through the open window and finds me wrapped in a warm blanket. The sweet smell of a cinnamon, apple or pumpkin confection rising in the oven. The perfect snack of ginger snaps washed down with a tall glass of apple cider.

I love everything about fall. I romanticize each glorious trait and hold on with firm grasp to each passing day because they seem to come and go so quickly. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve gone “back to school,” but to me, September brings a kind of new beginning full of so many gorgeous (and scrumptious) treasures that I can’t get enough. When picking out baby names, we even agreed on the name Autumn if we’d had a baby girl because I simply couldn’t think of anything more beautiful.

So today, the first day of fall, I celebrate the season to come with a wish list of activities that will turn you into a fall fanatic too! Continue reading »

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Throwback Thursday: It’s totally the ‘80s’ – Like… You Know!

iStock_000019940427XSmallEveryone has a decade they most identify with in their life.  From the music to movies, from TV to fashion, the 1980s is my decade, so sit back and prepare to go … Back to the Future. Continue reading »

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