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Financial should-haves and could-haves: What are yours?

I should have… If only I would have… Why did I EVER…? Do you find yourself looking at your savings account, 401(k) balance, checkbook and wonder where your paycheck went and what happened to your nest egg?

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The Best Financial Advice I’ve Received, Courtesy of Dad.

I had a garage sale last weekend, full of mounds and mounds of baby clothes and toys that I had no qualms about parting with. In fact, I couldn’t believe we had amassed that much “stuff” in four years. For  Continue Reading »

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Looking for a Loan? Think Twice Before Tapping a 401(k)

With a stagnant economy and money tight for many families, it’s only natural that some people may consider borrowing from their 401(k) retirement plan if they need some extra cash. After all, it’s your money, right? True, but it’s important  Continue Reading »

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Getting to “You’re Hired”: Tips for Job Interviews & Transition

Congratulations, you’ve written a powerful resume, and you’ve been selected to audition for your dream job. What are the next steps to turn the dream into a reality? Here are a few pointers about job interviews and transition issues that  Continue Reading »

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