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Give Me Some Credit – No, Seriously!

Credit is more than a point system towards graduation in higher education. Or something you give your spouse when he or she remembers to do something thoughtful. Or even an adjective before the word “card.” Your credit, in its simplest  Continue Reading »

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The 3-Digit Summary of Your Financial Story: Separating Fact from Fiction about Credit Scores

Everyone knows that your credit report and credit score help determine your likelihood and cost of using other peoples’ money to get all the stuff you want: houses, cars, cell phones and a job. Let’s try to take some of  Continue Reading »

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Fiscally Fit: Is Your Credit in Good Shape?

Just as a doctor is a trusted resource for friends, family and party guests seeking to remedy an illness, as a banker, I am the go-to person for questions about all things financial at social gatherings. People tend to ask  Continue Reading »

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