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Oh How Quickly They Grow Up!

How many times have you heard a parent say that about their child?  In the blink of an eye our little babies are graduating high school and spreading their wings to go out into the world, and we as parents  Continue Reading »

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A Crash Course in College Commerce

When I was younger, the Little League® World Series was always played the week before school started, and for me it signaled the official end of summer. Many students dread the beginning of another academic year, but for a college  Continue Reading »

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Can a Dog (or is it a Reindeer?) Teach Your Kids About Saving?

Buck, the mascot for Susquehanna’s children’s savings program, is on the road this summer, visiting local libraries to teach children how to save. In addition to questions about dollars and cents, Buck’s appearances often lead kids to ask: Is he  Continue Reading »

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