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Banking through the decades: Tips for your 20s, 30s and beyond

My parents opened a savings account for me shortly after I was born to deposit any money I received from birthdays to babysitting jobs.  I opened my first checking account after I started my first ‘real’ job at 16. After  Continue Reading »

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Financial should-haves and could-haves: What are yours?

I should have… If only I would have… Why did I EVER…? Do you find yourself looking at your savings account, 401(k) balance, checkbook and wonder where your paycheck went and what happened to your nest egg?

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How Long Can You Go Without …? Take ‘Financial Dare’ and Watch Savings Add Up

Remember playing Truth or Dare as a kid?  Sure, we all do.  Well, what if I asked you to play right now – financially?   Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you take a big financial risk (or tell us a deep  Continue Reading »

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Taming Today’s Prom Budget

I was surprised when I read an article about the staggering cost of today’s high school prom.  The article states: “The cost of prom night rose 5 percent this year to an average $1,139 per attendee.” What?! Even more disturbing  Continue Reading »

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