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Break your New Year’s resolution yet? Here are tips to get you back on track

Last summer my boyfriend moved in with me.  He’s a great cook.  And I love to bake when I’m happy.  So, as they say, I got fat and happy once we started sharing a home. I have been hemming and  Continue Reading »

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Technology has made it easier to track your fitness goals – if you use it

It’s June. New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past, yet bathing suit season hovers on the horizon like a mirage on hot blacktop. You may be looking in your closet wondering how this happened, yet again, and wishing  Continue Reading »

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Fruits and Vegetables: An investment in your health

What did you eat for breakfast this morning – an egg white omelet with tomato and spinach or an iced cinnamon bun? If you binged on the latter, you should probably keep reading. In honor of June being ’Fresh Fruit  Continue Reading »

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Take a Hike! No, seriously, on these trails

An explosion of color on the trees, crisp morning air and flocks of migrating birds: All herald the arrival of autumn in the Mid-Atlantic.  What better way to celebrate the changing seasons than by communing with nature? Susquehanna’s footprint (and  Continue Reading »

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Finding an Activity You Enjoy Can Help You Reach Your Fitness, Wellness Goals

Getting healthy, staying healthy – these topics are all the rage these days.  We talk about them endlessly,  in part, because we can’t help but hope to find a silver bullet, a quick way to fix a problem that was  Continue Reading »

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Healthy Eating: A Mother’s ‘Trick’ of the Trade

Eating healthy has been ingrained in me since I was … in the womb, I’m sure! So who better to take healthy eating tips from than my Mother herself? She is a model of excellence when it comes to these  Continue Reading »

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Susquehanna wellness program helps employees achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

Companies across the United States are taking employee wellness to a whole new level.  These days, many companies — with the help of medical insurance providers, local hospitals or other outside organizations – are able to offer wellness incentives to  Continue Reading »

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