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Brown Bag Blues: The Return of School Lunch

Back to school has arrived in the Bergman household as we send our little man off to kindergarten. I’m feeling the stress of new schedules, catching the school bus, switching after-school providers and most surprisingly, the dread of packing lunch  Continue Reading »

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Embrace these cold weather comfort foods, but with an eye on healthy eating

If you’re reading this from within the mid-Atlantic region, you’ve probably shivered through a cold snap in the past few weeks.  In the midst of that deep freeze, I polled my colleagues for their favorite cold-weather comfort foods, to find  Continue Reading »

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Eat Better, Eat Together: A great idea for October and every month

 In this blog, we often write about unique holidays or commemorative months. Some can be frivolous and fun, some educational and others philanthropic in nature. October is home to one I think is really special, and one we can all  Continue Reading »

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Lori R

Area Farmers Markets Offer Fill of Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Think back to Jan. 1.  Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet? Keeping that resolution may have been a little tough at the time, since the dead of  Continue Reading »

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Healthy Eating: A Mother’s ‘Trick’ of the Trade

Eating healthy has been ingrained in me since I was … in the womb, I’m sure! So who better to take healthy eating tips from than my Mother herself? She is a model of excellence when it comes to these  Continue Reading »

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