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The Language of the Millennial: A #tbt look at the #2000s

It’s the final blog in our ‘memories of the decades’ series and at first I thought to myself, ‘I have to cover the 2000s? That was like, yesterday!’ I didn’t think my content would be as nostalgic as the ‘60s  Continue Reading »

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Umbrellas for shoes, noodle coolers, dust mop onesies and other quirky inventions through time

Here’s a little-known October anniversary in which bean-counters and number-crunchers everywhere may find worth celebrating: The first patent was issued to Dorr Eugene Felt for an adding machine – an ancestor of the modern day calculator – on Oct. 11, 1887. The  Continue Reading »

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Throwback Thursday: The 1970s: Rolling Stones “Lips and Tongue,” Dumb Shoes and The Hustle

I started the ‘70s as a 7-year-old playing with my Barbie dolls and I ended it with a driver’s license! For me, the 1970s was an age of innocence in a time that, when looking back, wasn’t that innocent.  I  Continue Reading »

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