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Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader… About Credit?

Each October, Susquehanna Bank staff in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia take part in the American Bankers Association’s Get Smart About Credit program, providing credit education to teens and young adults. But how would you stack up against  Continue Reading »

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I’m Strong to the Finish Line When I Drink My Spinach!

As a swimmer I always look for an incentive that not only keeps me motivated during the practices but also helps me meet my goals, especially when drill time begins at 5:00 AM.  The incentive need not be expensive nor  Continue Reading »

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Securing Your Retirement: It Starts with the Right Timing

It used to be that if you asked people when they were going to retire, the answer was easy: 65. Today, though, it’s best to develop a strategy on the timing of your retirement, taking into account your personal financial  Continue Reading »

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First Steps: Are you Ready for Something New?

Have you ever seen someone doing something that you might enjoy doing, but were afraid to try it?  Who hasn’t?  But what’s stopping us from trying?  Is it the fear of failure?  Is it the fear of the time wasted  Continue Reading »

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I Needed It. Really!

Have you ever told yourself “It was such a great deal; I couldn’t resist” or “I don’t eat out for lunch that often”? If you have, then we have something in common.  These types of miscellaneous expenses don’t seem like  Continue Reading »

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How a College Scholar Can Stretch a Dollar

Later this month we’ll say goodbye to our summer intern, Stephanie. In addition to being smart, talented, and loads of fun, she is also quite frugal. As a college student, she has to be. Here are some of her tried  Continue Reading »

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