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Modest Economic Pause Raises Minor Questions about the Recovery

The warm winter has given way to even more pleasant days.  The summer is coming quickly and while the weather outside may be delightful, some disconcerting issues have arisen about the economy.  After last year’s summer of discontent and economic  Continue Reading »

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Risk and Reward: Real Estate Edition

The concept of risk has been weighing on my mind a lot these days. I’m not a risk taker. I never have been. In fact, I usually analyze every possible scenario until I identify whatever minuscule risk is involved, and  Continue Reading »

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Facing Down the Prospect of Foreclosure

Chances are you’ve seen some of the fallout of the roughest economy in decades: family homes lost to foreclosure. From city streets to sprawling suburbs, many communities have seen a rise in the number of homes whose owners could no  Continue Reading »

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – Is Your Home Ready?

If you’ve got your sweaters, boots and gloves, you’re ready for old man winter, right?  Well, if you’re a homeowner, not quite.  A little time and effort on your part and your home – not to mention your wallet –  Continue Reading »

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Refinancing … Is there a better deal out there?

When you hear the word refinancing you probably think of a home equity loan or a mortgage…but have you heard the buzz about refinancing your auto loan?  It may be one of the best-kept secrets in lending.

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