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Can Three Figures Be Enough to Help Pay for College? Maybe, If Those Figures Are 5-2-9

With another academic year now underway, a lot of families may be looking toward the future and asking a few questions: I wonder if my kids will go to college? I wonder where? And, perhaps most of all: I wonder  Continue Reading »

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Summer School: Lessons on Student Loans & Bank Accounts

Congratulations! You just graduated from high school and are looking forward to a carefree summer before starting college. The last thing you want is another assignment. Trouble is, you have at least two: make sure you have enough money to  Continue Reading »

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A Lesson in Investing for Education

As my son quickly moves past the toddler stage and elementary school rises in the distance, my husband and I are beginning to think about our son’s education in earnest.  We want to be prepared for him to attend a  Continue Reading »

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Financial Aid 101: How to Fund Your College Career

Welcome to Financial Aid 101, a course designed for those of you who will soon launch your college careers. By the end of this blog/course, you will be able to: Understand what FAFSA is Know how and when to apply  Continue Reading »

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Academic Accounting: Weighing the Cost of Colleges

A guest blogger submission by Brielle, an intern in Susquehanna’s Corporate Communications Department: As a college senior, I have seen the trials and tribulations regarding finances from a student’s perspective. The common question on campus seems to be, “How much  Continue Reading »

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How a College Scholar Can Stretch a Dollar

Later this month we’ll say goodbye to our summer intern, Stephanie. In addition to being smart, talented, and loads of fun, she is also quite frugal. As a college student, she has to be. Here are some of her tried  Continue Reading »

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A Crash Course in College Commerce

When I was younger, the Little League® World Series was always played the week before school started, and for me it signaled the official end of summer. Many students dread the beginning of another academic year, but for a college  Continue Reading »

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