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Lori R

Ready for spring? This season’s harsh winter a bane for some, boon for others

If you live within Susquehanna’s footprint, you have had a rough winter. Sub-zero temperatures, ice storms, snow that just won’t quit – we have seen it all.  It’s likely that the cost of heating your home has you shaking your  Continue Reading »

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Lori R

Sick of winter yet? Here are 15 ways to rid the winter blues

Groundhog got you down? This month that rascally rodent promised six more weeks of winter and, unfortunately, he was absolutely right.  So what can we do to chase away the winter blahs and remind ourselves that spring is just around  Continue Reading »

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Snow day — now what? Here are 10 fun ways to beat the snow-day boredom

When I was in school, I remember the excitement of waking up to a snowy morning, sitting impatiently in front of the TV, waiting for our school to appear on the closing list and then rejoicing when we finally saw  Continue Reading »

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