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Throwback Thursday: Susquehanna roots in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, date to 1864

Susquehanna is truly honored to be part of a banking legacy in the Greencastle, Pennsylvania, community with roots that date back to 1864.  As we celebrate a 150 year tradition dedicated to community banking, we are proud to share our storied  Continue Reading »

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The Language of the Millennial: A #tbt look at the #2000s

It’s the final blog in our ‘memories of the decades’ series and at first I thought to myself, ‘I have to cover the 2000s? That was like, yesterday!’ I didn’t think my content would be as nostalgic as the ‘60s  Continue Reading »

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Umbrellas for shoes, noodle coolers, dust mop onesies and other quirky inventions through time

Here’s a little-known October anniversary in which bean-counters and number-crunchers everywhere may find worth celebrating: The first patent was issued to Dorr Eugene Felt for an adding machine – an ancestor of the modern day calculator – on Oct. 11, 1887. The  Continue Reading »

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Throwback Thursday: It’s totally the ‘80s’ – Like… You Know!

Everyone has a decade they most identify with in their life.  From the music to movies, from TV to fashion, the 1980s is my decade, so sit back and prepare to go … Back to the Future.

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Throwback Thursday: Do these One-Hit Wonders Strike a Chord in your Memory?

As Sept. 25 is designated One-Hit Wonder Day, this throwback Thursday seemed like a great time to celebrate some of the many well-loved songs that achieved Billboard Top 40 status only once. No matter what style of music gets your  Continue Reading »

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Throwback Thursday: The 1970s: Rolling Stones “Lips and Tongue,” Dumb Shoes and The Hustle

I started the ‘70s as a 7-year-old playing with my Barbie dolls and I ended it with a driver’s license! For me, the 1970s was an age of innocence in a time that, when looking back, wasn’t that innocent.  I  Continue Reading »

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Throwback Thursday: The King is dead. Long Live the King!

Next week marks another anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death – greatly exaggerated or not. But whether there’s been a recent sighting of the ’King’ or not, his legend lives, and his fans never forget.  Decades after his Aug. 16, 1977  Continue Reading »

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Lori R

Throwback Thursday: Growing Up in the 1960s: Penny Candy, Party Lines and Black and White TV

In a world awash in technology and global interconnection, it’s easy to forget that not so long ago, life was very different.  Take the 1960s for instance… This was the decade of my childhood, when the size of my universe  Continue Reading »

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Throwback Thursday: Rollercoasters Supply more than a Century of Thrills

Imagine going on a rollercoaster with a speed of 6 mph and a cost of a nickel to ride. Sounds exciting, no? Didn’t think so. But those were the features of the first American rollercoaster – then known as a  Continue Reading »

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Throwback Thursday: Celebrating 80 years of the drive-in movie theater

Today is the 80th anniversary of the first movie showing at a drive-in theater! Last year, a fun animated Google Doodle was dedicated to drive-ins. We thought we’d celebrate this year’s anniversary by posing some trivia questions and highlighting some  Continue Reading »

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