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Gifts for your children’s teachers? It doesn’t have to break the bank.

Kids making christmas decorations and postcardsEach year, I struggle with the thought of Christmas gifts for my children’s teachers.  Do I get gifts for them or not – that is the question?

I haven’t always given gifts to them, but, but last year I had the realization that these teachers are not only there to care for and teach our children, but also to protect them while they are in the center’s care. They do a fantastic job and deserve a gift of appreciation from us especially during the holidays. Plus, I don’t like being outdone by all the super-crafty moms!

In typical Amy fashion, it’s two weeks into December and now is when I convince myself I should do teacher gifts again this year. My kids are in daycare and preschool so they interact with a lot of people throughout the day which always makes me struggle with the question of whom to get gifts for: Do I buy for just their primary teachers – one in the morning and another in the afternoon – or do I also get gifts for the assistants? What about the school receptionist?  I love everyone there so it makes it kind of difficult to decide.

In the end, I decided we will do gifts for their main teachers and their assistants, and maybe we can do something small for the others. After all, it is the holidays and you can’t be too generous!

Since I’ve nailed down who’s getting a gift, now it’s onto what we’re giving! This year I am hoping to make gifts. I’m a Pinterest fan (I have a slight addiction, actually) so I hop on and start searching the site.  I find everything from funny and clever gifts, like a bottle of sanitizer with a note that says ’Santa-tizer,’ or a Starbucks gift card with a note saying ’Thanks a latte,’ to sentimental gifts like a vintage frame with, ‘It takes a big heart to help little minds; printed on card stock with burlap framing the paper.

There are so many ideas to choose from.  Just a side note, I’m finding a lot of gifts that include what looks to be a red gumball and chocolate malted milk balls in a bag with a note that says “reindeer noses” – seriously who wants a reindeer nose??? Of the hundreds of ideas I scan through, I find the gift that we can make (or at least I hope we can).  It’s a cute little glass jar made to look like a snowman.  This doesn’t seem too hard – paint the jar white, the lid black and put a cute little face on the snowman – I think we can handle it!

If I’m feeling ambitious, I may even fill it with a tasty treat like cinnamon pretzels drizzled with white chocolate or salted caramel pretzel bark (another Pinterest find!)! Wish me luck – if it doesn’t work out – looks like I’ll be getting a tin from the dollar store and filling it with the treats!

Share your best teacher gift ideas in the comments below – I’ll need them next year!

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One Response to Gifts for your children’s teachers? It doesn’t have to break the bank.

  1. Claudia says:

    I had the same realization you did, Amy, right after the Sandy Hook tragedy last year. I suddenly appreciated my daughter’s first grade teacher in a whole new way.
    Now, to find some paint brushes…

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