This Idea Is for the Birds

Since moving to our house in the woods a little over a year ago, my husband started keeping a journal of all the flora and fauna that we’ve spotted . There have been some unusual sights – the day we moved in, a deer traveled up the slope of our backyard onto the driveway and let my husband pet it on the head. And about two months ago – while getting dressed in the early morning – I ran around the house yelling “turkey parade” as four adults and five turkey young marched across the backyard in ceremonious fashion. It’s been pretty wild!

In fact, here is a short list of just the birds we’ve seen (or heard): Bluebird, Cardinal, Chickadee, Goldfinch, Great Horned Owl, Indigo Bunting, Mockingbird, Nuthatch, Oriole, Red Tailed Hawk, Screech Owl, Sparrow, Tree Swallow, Wax Wing, Wood Duck, Woodpecker, and a Wren.

As Winter knocks on our door, we’d like to encourage more feathered friends to find refuge and food near our home. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure where to start in our preparations, so I turned to the National Audubon Society for advice. On their website, they offer ten ways to make a difference for migrating birds,  where I learned the importance of ideal landscape and cover creation to make birds feel safe and secure. In fact, I’m willing to take their Healthy Yard Pledge and commit to six key activities to make my backyard a haven for birds.

I can get my son involved as well, with a fun kid’s website with games, color sheets and interactive learning opportunities. We helped birds avoid obstacles like clouds and airplanes on a Migration Mission and guessed the proper bird call in Guess Who’s Squawkin. I think we both learned a few things!

In Susquehanna’s mission to support our communities and the environment, we also support the National Audubon Society. In fact, for every customer who elects to “go green” by signing up for eStatements in 2012, a $1.00 gift will be made to the National Audubon Society*.

Do you have a mission to support the environment or your feathered friends this winter?


*70% will benefit Audubon Pennsylvania’s Audubon At Home program and 30% will benefit Audubon Maryland-DC’s Audubon At Home program. Susquehanna has guaranteed Audubon a minimum contribution of $5,000 and a maximum contribution of $25,000 per calendar year for 2012.

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One Response to This Idea Is for the Birds

  1. sharon warner says:

    I’m an employee of Susquehanna Bank and came across this page while searching our website. I am very impressed and pleased with the information blog on the Audubon society and also that “we” donate to such a great cause, that I had to respond. My husband and I live along the Susquehanna river and just marvel in the wildlife that we see each and every day. I didn’t realize how much the Audubon had to offer, but with the help of this blog we will certainly be checking it out further. Thanks Susquehanna Bank !!

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