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Throwback Thursday: The King is dead. Long Live the King!

Aug 8 blog ElvisNext week marks another anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death – greatly exaggerated or not.

But whether there’s been a recent sighting of the ’King’ or not, his legend lives, and his fans never forget.  Decades after his Aug. 16, 1977 death, people of all ages continue to enjoy his music, watch his movies, and flock to Graceland for a chance to see where he lived.

This week we celebrate Elvis, one of the most important cultural icons of the 20th century.

I have my mother to thank for my love of the ‘King of Rock and Roll.’   Growing up, I remember spending many weekend afternoons with my mother watching Elvis’ movies on TV.  My favorite was Blue Hawaii because, come on, who “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with Elvis when they watch that movie!  I remember listening to his music on vinyl on the big stereo in the living room.  I have lots of favorite Elvis songs, but I will always love “Elvis’ Christmas Album.”  In the ’80s we gave up vinyl for cassettes and I played that one over and over every holiday season.  I even took it with me when I left home.  “Blue Christmas” is still one of the best holiday songs ever – at least according to me.

You’ll notice my thing for Elvis and ‘blue.;  I guess it was being born too late to see, in person, Elvis perform live.  I loved “Aloha from Hawaii,” but I have to admit it was probably not the same live broadcast my mother remembers – that is, unless 2 year olds have better memories than I think. Although you have to admit that white outfit with the eagle design was memorable.  Why else would it be a favorite of Elvis impersonators everywhere?

I was still young in 1977, but I’ll never forget that day in August when the news exploded.  I remember walking near my house holding my yellow owl-shaped transistor radioto my ear to listen to the report.  Elvis was dead.  I felt sad, like something great was over.

Today, I’m still a fan even though my Elvis poster has long since been rolled away in the closet and I only break out his albums at, you guessed it, the holidays.  Once an Elvis fan, always an Elvis fan!  So this week I join the millions of Elvis impersonators worldwide and say, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.” to an icon.

What memories of the ’King’ can you share?

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