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Do you have a unique middle name? Share your story on Middle Name Pride Day

middlenameEvery month the Susquehanna blog team gets together to brainstorm what topics we will cover in the following month’s blog, and you know you have a good one when each person in the room has fun story to share. Today is Middle Name Pride Day. Read along and share the story of your middle name.

My name is Danielle Rae. I never liked my middle name growing up. I wouldn’t tell people what it was because I felt it was a ‘boy’s name.’ Now, I appreciate the uniqueness of it, which is exactly what attracted my mom to the name. She named me after Alexa Ray Joel – Billy Joel’s daughter. As it turns out, Alexa Ray was named after Ray Charles, so I guess that means that I am indirectly named after Ray Charles? No…too far.

There were many factors that Susquehanna employee, Robin, and his wife used when deciding the middle names of their seven children. While first priority was honoring special family members, they also wanted to vary the number of syllables between the first, middle and last names to give the names a rhythmic sound.

For his childrens’ first names, Robin channeled his childhood memories, which I thought was a unique approach:

“When I was young my mother allowed me to roam unsupervised throughout the small neighborhood we lived in out in the country, but when it was dinner time she would call my name from the kitchen door.  I envisioned calling my boys the same way, so we gave them what I thought were strong, easily understood but differentiated names that could be shortened to one syllable…Nick, Jack, Mike and Pete.”

When considering different middle names, there’s the ever important task of making sure that the initials don’t spell something obscene or inappropriate. Sure, you may love the name Daniel Ian but you might not want to go that route when your last name is Everson (and that one’s on the tame side).

There’s a tradition with my dad’s side of the family when it comes to initials: each male has the initials, RCM. My grandfather was Robert Clair Martin, my father is Richard Coyle (his brothers are all RCM as well) and my brother is Ryan Christopher. I think it’s a unique family tradition that I encouraged my brother to continue after receiving news of their upcoming arrival.

With tradition comes pressure though and it certainly didn’t help that his wife’s fathers initials are RCM as well! How ironic.

Fortunately for my brother and his wife, they didn’t have to make that decision, as they will welcome a baby girl that they’ve named Ava Marion.

But what about the people that don’t even have a middle name? Do you feel left out? Why did your parents decide not to give you one? Everyone has a story. Share yours below!

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7 Responses to Do you have a unique middle name? Share your story on Middle Name Pride Day

  1. Claudia says:

    Isn’t it funny how familial pressures often come to bear more on boys’ names than on girls’? My sister and I were not given middle names, because as my dad reckoned, we’d get married eventually and could use our maiden names as middle names. My brother, however, has our paternal grandmother’s maiden name as his middle name.

    (Ava Marion is a beautiful name, by the way!)

    1. Danielle says:

      Thanks, Claudia! I’m so looking forward to meeting baby Ava next month!

  2. Cassy says:

    My twin sister and I had only two aunts so we each were named after one of them. I was named after my Aunt Michele. It isn’t that unique of a name, but it is special to me as my aunt died of cancer when I was fourteen. My middle name makes me feel like I’m carrying a piece of her with me.

  3. Kim Jones says:

    When my daughter Megan was born we were trying to pick a suitable middle name and my husband and I just couldn’t agree on one. So we took my husband’s middle name, Lee and my middle name Anne and put them togerher to made, Megan LeAnne. A little piece of both of us.

  4. Amelia Brown says:

    I actually have three middle names. Yes, I know that is two too many! So my name is Amelia Amber Ruth Rose. My mother wanted to name me after all of the grandmothers, so even my first name was included with that. The struggle with all three? Filling out paperwork! The middle initial blank. Do I put the first initial, all three, or what?? My name was the only one to take up two lines in both my high school and college graduation ceremony programs. The principal even had to take a breath in between while he called my name. A little embarrassing, but now that I’m older I think it makes me unique. It is always my ‘something special or unique’ when I go to a class or meeting. I’ve come to embrace it.

  5. Kelsey Martin says:

    My middle name is Anne. I was given this middle name after my mother’s middle name which is also Ann but I was always told that mine was spelled AnnE like the princess (Princess Anne of England). To this day, I still tell people that my middle name is Anne with an “e” like the princess.

  6. Kenneth Leo Hutzler says:

    I had the the middle name of Leo for 60 years, come to find out I needed my birth certificate to get my drivers license renewed and low and behold my real name was Lee. After a life time of being made fun of come to fine out my real name is Lee, thank

    I’ m 60 years old and my middle name has always been Leo, than one day I needed to renew my drivers license and low and behold my real name is Lee. Believe me I was made fun of to say the least. Now that I’m 60 years old I feel much better. May not seem like much but kids can make fun of anything and believe me they did. Thanks Kenneth Lee Hutzler

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